Raise public awareness against poaching of animals

God has created a beautiful world with human being and animals. Forests and these lovely animals add a great amount of beauty to our planet but this beauty has declined considerably in the last few years and still continuing because of poaching and it is still a threat that is neglected. Animals have the same rights to live freely on the planet that provides an unmatched beauty to the planet but poaching of animals is rapidly decreasing this beauty. There are plenty of laws in different nations created against poaching but enforcement is yet missing. How To Stop Poaching is still a question without any answer.

Poaching is a crime and this crime is committed by a poacher for many reasons such as to provide food to themselves and their families, financial benefits, and some of them kill animals just to fulfill their thrill and adventurer desires and they consider poaching as their hobby. Animals like tigers, lions, rhinos, and elephant are mostly hunted by a poacher and the population of these animals is rapidly falling. There are a large number of activities performed to stop this criminal activity but are found ineffective.

Poacher sells the body parts of animals and generate great amount of profit. Poacher generally kill animals such as tiger and lion for their smooth fur that is residentially used to reflect luxury and precious nail that are used as pedals and buyer gives great value for this. Elephants are targeted for their long trunk and teeth which has a great money value in black market that encourages poacher to hunt more and more animals. Long sharp horn of rhinos is also an attractive body part for buyers. This Poaching Of Animals for commercial purposes is greatly affecting wildlife. There are plenty of websites that are contributing their best to defend these beautiful creatures. They convey a message to people by showing them rapidly destroying wildlife and killed animals to raise awareness among people to stop this criminal activity. They upload the videos of extinction wildlife and deliver an emotional message to people.

Some poachers move to the forest with weapons in hand and kill animals and hunt birds such as eagle just because they like to do so and it makes them feel happy. The body parts of animals are even used in medical science to find the root of many deceases and pain. You must also be a part to fight against poaching and stand for the defense of lovely animals so that forests can stay greener and beauty of the planet can be maintained.

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