Obtain GOST-R certificate to ensure your products comply with Russian Standards

Considered as one of the largest economies inthe world, Russia and its nearby regions offer some of the biggest opportunities for global companies to thrive and succeed. However, it is also a fact that, foreign companies need to follow certain rules and regulations to make the most of the available opportunities in the Russian Federation. From the year 1993, it has become mandatory for the products manufactured in the Russian territory as well as imported equipment and goods to be appropriately checked and inspected to make sure that they comply with the Russian standards. One of the most common and obligatory certificates, GOST-R certification was introduced with the aim to ensure the health and safety of the Russians. In this complicated and dynamic regulation environment, GOST R certification pays to have the precise advice and support.

Now the question arises, what GOST-R actually is? Basically, GOST is the Russian word for NORM whereas R signifies Russia. The major objective of attaining the GOST Certificate Russia of Conformityis to denote that products, equipment and machineries such as Dishes Units, Accumulators and Storage Batteries, Cleaning products, Computing Units and Fish Products, just to mention a few, meet the entire requirements of quality and safety specified by law.

Apart from the obligatory kind of certification, there exists a voluntary GOST certificate of Conformity too which is mostly obtain to signify that the products comply with the manufacturers standards as well as the norms of technical requirements. This voluntary GOST certificate scheme provides a competitive edge to the businesses in Russia.

GOST certificate of conformity are issued only by accredited and authorized certification bodies based on specified Russian Law. PROGOST is an officially accredited company in Russia that is specialized in producing the entire certification programs including Customs Union Certificate or declaration, certificate or declaration state standard specification as well as declaration of fire safety.

Foreign manufacturer is eligible to apply and obtain both mandatory and voluntary GOST certificate of conformity. It is extremely important to provide true information about the manufacture including its official name, contact details, address and other essential details as well as the required technical documents such as assembly drawings, complete list of components or operation manuals, parameters and technical details to apply for obligatory or voluntary GOST certificate of conformity. It is highly recommended to contact PROGOST to find out comprehensive information about the GOST certificate of conformity.

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