Experience the History in Ecuador Andes hotel

With busy life and hectic schedule, people are now forgetting the joy of relaxation and actual enjoyment. A trip to South America would definitelymake you forget every problem in your life. If you are planning to visit South America, then Ecuador is one of the major attractions among the tourists across the globe. If you want to experience the ancient Inca civilization designs and architectures, then there are many hotels in Ecuador, which can introduce you with history. In archaeological Inca hotel, you will see the history come alive. The life moves very slowly in the Ecuador, and gardens, rooms and royal facilities make it even slower. You can enjoy many true experiences, such as having a glass of wine after hiking around the volcanic mountains.

At Cotopaxi boutique hotel, guests will be experiencing a luxury stay with different luxurious suites. These hotels are providing separate sitting room with sofa beds, books, music, cable Television and stunning view of Cotopaxi and other mountains around. You can enjoy all these views right from your room window. Other facilities include bathroom with the shower and each bathroom has showers and Jacuzzis. You can find king size bed in these type of suites. There are several other sights to view for tourists visiting the Ecuador. These hotels also have restaurants that can serve you different cuisines, which you can try and experience the true relaxation in Ecuador.

The Ecuador andes hotel offers several activities such as horse riding, trekking, Excursions, and mountain climbing to the peaks of Andes mountains, where you will see different breathtaking and eye catching views. The hotel is way ahead in providing quality accommodation. People, visiting here with the hope to see something different, are never disappointed. In the mountains, hotels allow tourists to see the wild life of amazon jungles.

The best thing about the hotel is, it is perfectly designed with the touch of historical architecture. The tourists will get to see many archaeological sites and experience several true adventures. If you are looking for such amazing, adventurous place, where you will see the 500 years old history, then San Augustin De Callo is the best hotel, you can find in the country and you will love the Stay at hotel.

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