Comfort, Safety and Independence with the Lifeline24 Personal Alarm Service

It is comforting to know, as the years advance, that you and your loved ones will be able to live as you always have: in safety and independence. It is also reassuring to know that help is always close at hand whatever happens. Perhaps this is the kind of reassurance you might find from installing a personal alarm for the elderly in your relative’s home. Or maybe it is the right time for you to consider a lifeline alarm for the ease of mind of the people close to you.

In an urgent situation, such as falling or suddenly feeling unwell, an elderly personal alarm is an invaluable device which can allow somebody with impaired mobility to call for help when they most need it. When the lifeline alarm is activated a call is sent to a specialised Telecare centre who will alert family, friends or the emergency services to the situation. These lifeline alarms are designed and produced with the day to day lives of the wearers in mind and the greatest care is taken to ensure their reliability in an emergency.

A pendant is provided with each lifeline alarm which can be worn discretely around the wrist, or as a necklace. Whatever you are doing in the home, in times of need the wearer can simply press the button in the centre of the pendant and the alarm will be sounded and somebody will be alerted.A speaker is fitted into the alarm so that you can talk directly to the emergency team if the need arises. If you are unable to talk to the team they will assume urgent assistance is needed and will immediately contact the designated friends and family.

So if you are concerned about remaining independent as you get older, or perhaps if you are living with somebody elderly or disabled and you find yourself worrying for their wellbeing, you can take respite in the help of a dedicated national Telecare provider like Lifeline24. Lifeline 24’s personal alarm for the elderly is one of the most inexpensive in the UK and our excellent customer service team will help you to install and maintain your alarm. So you can relax in the knowledge that help is at hand at the push of a button.

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