First Kick Academy: Best Doorway For Kids To Learn Soccer

Do you want to make your kids learn soccer? Are you looking for experienced football coaches in Singapore to train your kids? Then you have arrived at the right destination i.e., We welcome you to the First kick Academy, where your kids can learn soccer easily.

First Kick Academy in Singapore is committed to provide your kids with the best soccer training programs through a structured curriculum, fun environment and trained coaches. Our aim is to encourage the love of the game without making kids feel pressured & frustrated. We help them develop emotionally, socially, and physically with our soccer training camps and programs.

Our soccer training camps are fun for kids, as they can make new friends and learn new things. Such traning camps provide them opportunity to increase the coordination skills, spatial awareness and social interaction in an ambiance full of fun and entertainment. Our training campus and programs are designed specifically as per the age of the kids so that all the kids get basic training and learn all the skills, techniques to play and learn soccer with great safety. Kids can also learn the fundamentals of soccer through structured kids activities and fun based games which are especially designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and develop motor skills. We are also keen to organize Soccer themed birthday party for your kids so that your kids can enjoy in an amusing and enjoyable manner.

At First Kick Academy, we have age specific training plan such as

  1. Introduction of the game for 4-6 yr
  2. Training plan for 7 – 10 yr old kids- Comprised of comprehensive training ranging from soccer training exercises to enhance mental and physical speed, ball control training along with helping kids to learn passing and receiving techniques
  3. Training program for 11-14 years old kids, which includes specified techniques skills under full game pressure

From the set of training program, you can choose the best soccer training plans as per the age of your kid. Being the best soccer academy in Singapore, we always make sure to choose the best soccer coaches who have appropriate knowledge in this field. Our coaches are given proper coaching training Singapore so that they can conduct soccer training sessions and provide outstanding soccer training to the kids in a better way.

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