Buy Beautiful Hand Carved Chess Sets

Chess is the most popular strategy based game which is played all over the world. It was originated in India around 1500 – 1800 years ago, originally called Chaturanga. A game of chess is played by two players and comprises of one king, one queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks and eight pawns each side. One has to put a lot of pressure on his/her mind in order to play well and win. Thus, it has various mental and psychological health benefits. It is available in a number of designs, sizes and styles.

You may get a chess set and items made of various materials such as plastic, wood, metal, glass etc. However the most classic and stylish chess products are made from wood. The wooden chess set is very popular among chess lovers as it reflects the culture, heritage and traditions of its birth place, India. Wooden chess sets are crafted beautifully by hands of the experienced chess craftsmen. Hand made wooden chess set will give a new experience of playing chess.Chess set is also a perfect gift for both professional and personal purpose.

If you are planning to purchase a designer chess set, you are suggested to buy it from a reputed source so that you get the best product in return for your money. N number of sources are available out in the market, however you are suggested to check some authentic online sources before purchasing. Online, you will find a number of designer chess sets for sale. They provide a wide range of chess products which will give you a more options to choose.

About Designer Chess

Prince George, Canada based, Designer Chess is one of the most renowned manufacturers of designer chess boards, pieces and sets. They are famous for the unique designs of their chess products which are made of wooden, magnet and plastic. They have a large collection of all the chess related products and antique chess sets at very reasonable price. For more information, you can visit their website or call on +1-250-301-7763. Their all products are made in the city Amritsar, India, which is a home of chess game and the best chess products.

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