All about Azim Chranya

Based in Houston, TX, Azim Chranya is a successful, rising young business person. Azim attended the University of Texas at Austin. He successfully completed a rare competitive Internship at Morgan Stanley – a renowned American multinational financial services corporation.

Azim Chranya is a reputable entrepreneur in the US and has received awards for young entrepreneurship. He owns an export business to Dubai and Trinidad. Azim Chranya is talented, skilled and knowledgeable, and he has been recruited by multi-national fortune 100 firms. In addition to being top Sales Manager for AOL, Azim Chranya has worked at Time Warner as well as handled merger of BlackRock. He has served as the Vice President of Mobility at Merrill Lynch, the highest rated Investment Bank in US.

Azim Chranya is an extremely popular name in the field of Digital Media. He is the proud owner and CEO of VMGTech, VMGSEO and Anaya Corporation. Further, he founded Virtual Media Global that is one of the leading and prestigious Digital Marketing agencies in the United States. Virtual Media global has attained wide recognition for providing unmatched web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) services. Azim Chranya has exemplary skills, technical expertise and substantial experience in the field of digital marketing, and he provides his unparalleled services to help businesses achieve higher rankings on the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo leading to exponential sales growth.

Azim Chranya is a National Team Member AKYSB (Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board), a voluntary organization, which emphasizes positive youth development across the world. Azim Chranya has received recognition and multiple awards for his hard work and contribution as an AKYSB volunteer as well as various writing accolades.

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