Get the Best Vocal Training from Renowned Vocal Trainer

Music is not solely about entertainment; for many it is a way of life. Not only does it help ones overall learning ability, but it also helps develop the emotional, and spiritual growth of a child and heightens their creativity. Music also helps stimulate brain growth and development and makes learning easier. In NYC, teens play guitars, drums and a multitude of other instruments on the busy corners of the city and sing out to the people evoking emotional responses from those who appreciate their ability and listen to their music.

Singing is emotional. Through Music and Sound healing, one can be touched by the musical vibrations of sound and shift emotionally to other dimensions of reality. Ever wonder why singing has been used as a tool for healing? It is because music is a spiritual elevator. With almost innumerable benefits and positive effects, singing has been adapted as a profession and hobby by many. The people at singing lessons NYC are not only developing and enhancing ones musical skills, but also help people develop their musical ability and develop their interests.

A vocal coach NYC can help a student grow from the beginner stage to one which is advanced. With a vocal coach, you develop a better understanding of voice. This kind of trainer helps develop your voice and eliminate its flaws. Singing teaches you techniques in humming, musical phrasing, vowel placement, tone, pitch and breathing awareness. These are just some of the factors that affect one’s singing. Marissa Katz’s teaching methodology helps you develop strength in ones voice and enhance its beauty. At vocal lessons NYC we can help you fulfill your greatest potential as a singer with the help of renowned vocal experts and music teachers.

One of the most popular music teachers in NYC is Marissa Katz, who has performed lead roles in musicals, operas and other musical events throughout the world. She trains students in various genres which include classical, folk, country, R&B, rock, pop, hip-hop, world music and Jazz. Through her methodology she has trained students at the very beginner stage with no prior musical background to those students who are advanced. Marissa Katz’s studio is also quite multicultural and she provides vocal training to students from all over the world. You can view all of her information at

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