Get Personalized Healthcare Services from Concierge Doctors Pasadena CA

Health issues are something that cannot be taken lightly. The individuals who have experienced serious medical condition or who have seen their loved ones suffer due to such medical condition would know that how critical is getting proper medical care. None the less, the face of medical care has been changing significantly. The world of medicine has grown by leaps and bounds and the field of medical sciences has witnessed some remarkable development in the recent decades. Not only the nature of medical treatment and services has changed but also new structures of medical services have evolved. At present, most of the people are inclining towards Concierge medicine or boutique medical care to get the best medical treatment and care to overcome their medical conditions.

The concept of concierge medical practices is to provide personalized and highly attentive medical treatment to the patients at nominal charges. The movement was initiated in 1996 by Dr. Howard Maron who thought of providing a much higher level of medical assistance and services to one or a small group of patients and since then, it has gained tremendous popularity in all over the United States. As compared to traditional office practices, concierge medical care is far better, affordable and beneficial. In traditional office practice, the physicians have to manage and check a high volume of patients every day which makes it difficult for the doctors to serve each of the patients properly. Apparently, the patients have to wait in the waiting room for their turn to see the doctor, which more often than not takes a lot of time. Plus, sitting in the waiting room of the medical office that is full of other patients is extremely frustrating and awful.

On the flipside, a concierge doctor Pasadena is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and the patients do not need to wait for hours, days or weeks for any appointment. Concierge doctors attend only one or a limited number of patients and hence, the doctor can spend as much time as required to evaluate the problems of the patients and then offer the best possible medical services to help the patients overcome their problems. In case of emergency, you need not to go to the medical office to see the doctor rather you just need to make a phone call and the doctor can come right at your place to provide you the medical treatment and care.

If you are a patient who hates going to the medical office and waiting for long hours to see the doctor then Healthy Living Medical (HLM) is the most prominent destination from where you obtain expected level of personalized medical treatment and services and achieve your health and wellness goals. Joshua Alexander Jacobi (MD) is a well qualified, trained and talented personal concierge physician with immense knowledge and vast experience. Dr. Jacobi is a triple board-certified in internal medicine, interventional cardiology and he is a renowned cardiologist in Pasadena. He provides his personalized healthcare services in various communities of Los Angeles, Pasadena, Arcadia and South Pasadena in LA County, California.

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