Find Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

In this highly competitive era, it is must for every business owner to take advantage of the latest technological solutions. It is the key to step further on the ladder of success. If we talk about a technology that has brought revolutionary change in storing large amounts of data that too with highly maintained security, then cloud computing is the name that strikes our mind within no time. Especially the small business owners can get greatly benefitted by this technology, as it avails an economic and unlimited storage space to facilitate the big data storage (both structured and unstructured). Presently, to offer big data storage solutions, certain amazing low-cost cloud backup and archival systems have been developed which can offer an array of benefits to assist your business. These secured systems are designed keeping in mind the important factor of ease of use, and thus, provide a simple user management, deployment and administration.

As a business owner, you must be aware how vital it is to keep the data secured and well-organized. Some of the best cloud backup solutions for small business serve as life time storage, keeping your entire data on each and every external, internal and network drives, even when you disconnect the drives. Moreover, as not all data can be treated same, like some may require to be recovered immediately, while some other may be stored for archival and compliance purposes, which are unlikely to be accessed. Thus, the best systems are laced with tribrid backup that protects all data that is produced, saving the storage costs without compromising on data reliability and security.

Apart from this, the system proves to be cost-effective due to the use of cold storage technology that allows the archival of countless number of terabytes at marginal costs. Moreover, innovative technologies have also been integrated with these systems to prioritize restore from the local repository if exists, which helps to achieve an unprecedented Zero Restore Time.

Additionally, for greater security, zero knowledge encryption is employed, where in spite of using the web channels, the data can be shipped to data centres by copying the same to an external drive. This can be especially helpful for those having more than 1 TB of data, as this will then save both the time and internet bandwidth. One such amazing cloud based system is Zoolz.

About Zoolz

Zoolz is one of the most reliable and secure cloud backup solutions for small business system designed to store countless terras of data for a lifetime with effortless Zero Restore. To know more, visit

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