Choose the Best and Most Powerful School Management Software

These days, it has become a tough task for the administration and management departments of educational institutions to run the schools efficiently. There are times when the managing staff of the schools finds it too complicated and hard to manage the payrolls and employee’s salary slips, have a record of courses as well as batches, data management, management of hostel facilities and transportation and many such aspects. While organizing these elements manually, chances of making errors is always there. These situations may disrepute the institutions and such mismanagement may also irritate the parents.

On the other hand, parents are so busy with their professional and personal responsibilities that it seems they don’t have enough time to look after the school fees, classification system, fee submissions or even having a word with the school’s staff about their children, school’s events etc. Thus, it has become much more than a mere necessity to implement effective strategies and new technology solutions to bridge this massive gap. Luckily, is an effective solution in the form of iManageSchool that have made to serve the unique needs of school administrators, teaching and non-teaching staff, students and parents.

iManageSchool is all-in-one, powerful school management software that has been designed and developed by RCTECH. It makes administrative work easier and more efficient along with helping administrators to systematize and manage the overall processes and activities seamlessly. iManageSchool comes loaded with umpteen features and tools, which are strategically placed to save efforts and excess time consumption. School administrators can easily organize attendance, exams, assignments, Timetable, circulars, event creation, class room allocation, library management, financial management, transportation management, student management and employee management, among others. The next generation software brings together various functions of the administration department in one simple and easy-to-use platform, thereby allowing the professionals to easily and quickly manage their tasks.

Apart from the administrators, iManageSchool has separate portals for employees, students and parents. With reference to the parent portal Georgia, iManageSchool makes it easier for the parents to access all the information related to their kids. Parents with multiple children at the same schoolcan getinformation about all of their kids through a single portal. With iManageSchool, they don’t need to worry about the academic achievements and behavior of their kids along with fee dues and payments etc as everything will be available in the parent portal.

About iManageSchool:

iManageSchool is cutting edge all-in-one school and student management system software Florida that has been designed by RCTECH to make management of educational institutions easier and more efficient.

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