Energy Healing Services: Live a More Peaceful Life

Nowadays, most of the people lead busy life with many roles and responsibilities. Due to busy lifestyle, they suffer from different health issues such as joint pain, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, anxiety and depression. If you are somebody who is suffering from such kind of health issues, then Master Jie’s Natural Formula Chi Energy Healing is the ideal source where you can find effective and long term solutions to your problems.

Master Jie is the founder of Natural Formula Chi Energy Healing Centre. Master Jie’s energy healing is a holistic approach to restore balance and harmony so that one can achieve balance in body, mind and spirit through energy healing sessions.

Using his extra sensory perception, he can identify the affected area of your body and help you recover from it naturally. His philosophy is to encourage the seamless interaction between human being and nature and help people achieve health and wellness goals.

Master Jie’s energy healing can provide natural healing to uproot headaches, improve heart, lung and respiratory system, improve digestive function through alternative energy healing for digestion system, improve spinal condition and healing back pain, neck and shoulder pain, improve ear and hearing condition, asthma, sports injury, Parkinson disease, reduce depression and anxiety and stimulate immune system.

Chakra healing Melbourne is a practice which uses human energy as main source to recover health. The chakras which receive energy and life force link the auric field and meridian system. Energy received in the chakras is distributed throughout the body through meridians. Master Jie’s spiritual energy healing practices utilize your Chi (i.e. energy) system to heal your mind and body.

One of the Master Jie’s specialties is Parkinsons treatment. Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder which can affect the control of body movements. In this disease a person can suffer from tremor (shaking or trembling), stiffness of muscle and lack of spontaneity and various other issues which vary from person to person depending upon the genes. Parkinson’s disease is a complex condition. It requires holistic work to improve the overall health of the individual. This treatment is beneficial in more ways than one; it improves the immune system and motor movements, eliminates depression and anxiety along with improving sleeping habits.

About Master Jie:

Master Jie’s energy healing services can lead you live a healthy and harmonious life. He is one of the best energy healers you’ll find in Melbourne. To know more, visit

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