Buy Mouth Watering & Healthy Dog Treats for Your Furry Friend

Regular activities along with proper nutrition are two of the most important factors that help in maintaining the health and wellbeing of your dog along with improving their immune system to fight diseases. Most of the owners show the love and affection to their beloved pets by giving them delicious and wonderful treats. While most of the dog treats are nothing but empty calories, there are some special types of highly nutritious and tasty treats for dogs that will give your pooch the much needed supplemental nutrition. These special types of dog treats are often referred to as functional dog treats and understandably so.

Improving dog’s health and wellbeing with dog treats made from real meat and wholesome ingredients is certainly a proven and effective way. But today, there are different kinds of products available in the market, which are just useless and waste of money. If you are a smart pet owner and looking for the mouth watering and healthy dog treats, then premium treats from Betsy Farms is something that your beloved four-legged friend is surely going to love.

Betsy Farms is among the highest rated companies in the United States, dedicated to bringing healthy and mouth-watering dog treats and snacks of the finest quality. Betsy Farms is specialized in production of the nutritious dog treats using wholesome ingredients which are sourced from the most reputable supplies in the USA. Betsy Farms has its own fully equipped manufacturing facility based in Springville, Utah where they harness the power of unique dual heating process. This proven technique eradicates potentially harmful bacteria. Moreover, they use the real poultry, which is pulverized, mixed with other essential ingredients and cooked again for better outcomes. Not only do they use state-of-the-art technology and proven techniques to produce dog treats, but also avoid the use of harmful ingredients, artificial additives and flavors to ensure your dog gets healthy nutrients packed in delicious snacks.

With reference to the products offered by Betsy Farms, they offer jerky recipe treats in 4 different varieties including chicken, turkey, duck and natural chicken that are chewy from outside and creamy from inside. Also they offer the finest quality peanut butter dog treats which are high on nutrition and extremely tasty. You can get these mouthwatering and healthy dog treats from Betsy Farms exclusively at Walmart, Sam’s club and other leading retailers in the US.

About Betsy Farms

Based in the beautiful Eagle, Idaho, Betsy Farms is a premium American company that offers healthy and mouth-watering dog treats made from real meat and wholesome ingredients. Go to for more information.

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