Use the Best Preventive Solution for Fleas and Ticks for Dogs

Flea and tick for dogs are more irritating, disgusting and horrifying than you actually think. Despite being tiny in size, these creepy and annoying insects are often found feasting on blood of domestic animals and also spreading different kinds of infections and diseases. More than just an itchy annoyance, fleas and ticks pose serious threats to the health and wellbeing of your four-legged friends. Flea bites more often result in flea allergy dermatitis, a kind of allergic reaction to proteins in flea saliva and a pet constantly scratching the affected area. It can lead to permanent hair loss or severe skin problems. Fleas taking blood-meals of your pet can also result in anemia and, in some extreme cases, death.

On the other hand, ticks are also equally terrifying as they transmit various kinds of infections like Lyme disease. Moreover, your furry friend can bring ticks into your living space, exposing you and your dear ones to serious problems from tick bites. There are different kinds of repellents, pesticides, and growth inhibitors available in the market these days. As a responsible pet owner, you should be extra cautious about using flea and tick treatments, as most of these products contain harmful chemicals and toxins and hence, even a small mistake can have serious, even fatal consequences.

Just in case, if you are a pet owner and looking for the highest quality and most prolific solutions to control fleas and ticks, then PetLock™ Plus is the most effective ticks and flea medicine for dogs. PetLock™ Plus is an easy-to-use, fast-acting, waterproof, monthly spot-on solution, which is specially formulated to control and prevent the problems related to annoying fleas and ticks. It is the best treatment and preventative solution that should be applied on your furry friend once in a month. PetLock™ Plus is particularly very effective in killing fleas, ticks, chewing lice, mites and mosquitoes and destroying the eggs that can develop quickly into adults.

PetLock™ Plus comprises the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus (Fipronil- 9.8% and (S)-Methoprene- 8.8%) but is available at a fraction of cost as compared to the latter. Also, PetLock™ Plus starts working as soon as it is applied on the pets. Those pet owners, who are looking for highly effective, long-term solutions to flea and tick problems, PetLock™ Plus is the ideal option for them.

About PetLock™ Plus

PetLock™ Plus is a special treatment and preventative solution for pets that is formulated to kill ticks, chewing lice and fleas on dogs as well as prevent them from re-infestation. These high quality products are exclusively available at Petco and other leading retailers across the United States. Visit for more details.

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