Find the Most Happening Places with My Playplay

After completing their education, one is always stuck between schedules, targets, meetings, deadlines and responsibilities all week long. As soon as Monday arrives, one gets indulged in their struggle for life and forgets about the word “fun”. The only time a person gets to get some decompress from stress and breathe is either after there working hours or on weekends. Of course, everybody needs and deserves a break from the usual 9 to 5 routine. It is very important to free yourself from the everyday routine and take out time for yourself and to enjoy and refresh yourself for the fresh week in front of you.

In a city like Kuala Lumpur, it is not at all hard to find entertainment. If you want to gift yourself with a good and happening weekend in Malaysia, there is a long list of hanky panky massage parlors, spas, theaters, cinemas, and many other options from which you can choose and schedule your weekend. If you are someone who loves going to clubs, there are so many exotic pubs and clubs you can choose from. The cities of Malaysia hold so many spellbinding events to delight and amuse you. All you need is a dedicated portal like My Playplay that can help you get information of all the events and the most happening places in your locality.

My Playplay can provide you essential details you need about the events in the cities of Malaysia. They have listed all the happening places that you must go to under one website, systematically. Restaurants, bars, karaoke, leisure clubs, night clubs, spas and massages or Malaysia dance bars, they have got it all covered. You can also search any specific place that you want to look up to. Just specify the key word, location and category if you can and just click on the search button, you will get all the information you need about that place with a location map. Isn’t that awesome?

About My Playplay

My Playplay is a dedicated web portal that acts as your city guide and assists you in finding events that you can go to. It is a portal that gives helps you explore the Malaysia clubs Kuala Lumpur, bars, spas, massages, etc. of the Malaysian cities through its meticulous and organized listings. For more information, log on to

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