Get the Most Stylish Digital Stylus Pen for Your Little Ones

Creativity is an art that has to be implanted in kids at a very young age. Research suggests that, kids who are given independence to express their thoughts and ideas at a very young age are likely to do better on their careers. The two most important things in every individuals life is to be able to read and write. The ability to express emotions and thoughts helps in nurturing your talents. However, these skills are developed over time and the parents should take care of the fact that they handle their kid’s curiosity and eagerness to know something. They should let their little ones explore and discover new things on their own, and a way to do this can be through reading, writing, drawing and so on.

The first thing that kids learn after going to play school is to hold a pen or pencil. However, due to a boom in technological advancement, kids now, directly start working on smart devices, as if they are born with the knowledge of them. If you are someone who wants their kid to live in the future, Digital Stylus Pen is your answer. With its intense colors, long-lasting grip, and user-friendly color sensor, Motley is the just the thing you want to give to your child! These are stylish, comfortable to use, and they will let your kid draw their own little world.

Motley is designed especially for kids. These are LED Light Pen which is playful yet simple to use. It is incorporated with sensor which gives your child plentiful hours for capturing their desired colors. They just need to spot and touch it at any colored object and then press the button! And then, they can draw anything of their choice with that color at that time, or keep it for later. When the scanning is done, Motley’s LED light wondrously recognizes that color. This enables for an unmatched drawing experience.

To get a faster and impressive experience, the Scribble Appcan be downloaded from the App Store. The application provides features like pointing at any object, scanning it, saving it, and then syncing it to your favorite devices. The scribble stylus provides you with two different fine tips, for accurate, straggle-free drawing on your phone.

About The Scribble Pen

The Scribble Pen is a smart, one-touch, rechargeable and cross-platform compatible pen that specializes in designing for kids. The Scribble App for mobiles makes the coloring experience even more wonderful. To know more, you can visit

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