Play Indian Rummy Online and Win Real Cash

Since many decades, card games like Rummy, Poker and Bridge have been hugely popular in India where they are played among families as well as in social circles with a lot of enthusiasm. These classic Indian games are particularly popular in casinos and card rooms across various parts in India where they are played under jurisdictions and are even regulated by the government. There are a just a few known facts that are known pertaining to the history and origin of Indian rummy and it is sometimes considered that it has been derived from the US as it has many features of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. Being played with 13 cards and two or more players with two decks and jokers make it similar to Rummy 500. However, in overall essence and playing it turn by turn makes it more familiar to Gin Rummy. Thus, if you understand Gin Rummy, then it is likely that you will love Indian Rummy as well

Gone are the days when Indian Rummy was just played with real physical cards, now you can even enjoy playing this brain teaser game on online platform with your friends and other like-minded people sitting far away from you. Few years ago the honorable Supreme Court of India has shifted Indian Rummy to the skilled game category that means the game is no more illegal whether you are playing it online or offline. Thus, you can seamlessly enjoy playing this game on your mobile without requiring it to download and can also play it free of cost learning the ropes and strategies before you put your money in the game.

There are a few leading websites like that offer a unique platform for the Indian Rummy enthusiasts to play and advance in the levels of this game and win real cash online. Through this website you can challenge million of players online and can play it in various forms like 21 and 13 cards Rummy for playing and winning cash. You can also play it simply for amusement which is completely free of cost. Moreover, the website makes you aware of the necessary game rules and also provides videos to learn the multiple facets of the game.

About is an extraordinary web platform where you can enjoy playing Indian Rummy and can challenge other fellow players and win a chance of earning real cash online. To know more, visit

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