5 Benefits of Utilizing the Durable 45 Degree Helix End Mills

The 45 degree helix end mills are typically used for cutting purposes and perform different milling jobs at factories. These end mills have increased shearing action and thus helps to decrease the cutting forces and the amount of heat generated while milling procedure through their efficient functioning. They are helpful in making the more precise and finished surfaces with the best performance that is difficult to attain from hand jobs. They are usually made up of aluminum alloys and have several benefits for molding over the traditional machines.

Thus, here are 5 major benefits of using the 45 degree helix end mills that ease out the manufacturing processes at industries:

Good thermal conductivity:

The thermal conductivity is the property of metal to conduct heat through material. These mills have made with the aluminum alloys and can transmit the heat too fast. Thus, the heat transfer occurs at a higher rate and with an ease.


The 45 degree helix end mills are light weighted than the other end mills. Hence, it has fewer chances of injury.

High strength-weight ratio:

The 45 degree helix end mills have high material’s strength. The mill structure has higher durability and requires less material than the old technical machines to complete the job.

Excellent machinability:

They too have excellent machinability due to which the metals can easily be cut with better finished surface at low cost.

Improved surface finish:

Plus, these end mills can also improve the seals and help to reduce the lower friction.

So, if you are questing for the productive and consistent tools and equipments used for cutting the metals, then you should rely on Atlas Cutting Tools.

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About Atlas Cutting Tools:

Atlas Cutting Tools is a reputable online store that supplies wide range of cutting tools such as taps, drills, burs and 3 flute end mills for aluminium at highly competitive rates. To order cutting tools or know more, you can browse Atlascuttingtools.com.

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