Loren Israel | Loren Israel: With these Steps Make Your Songwriting Dream Your Profession

Some people gets excited just by thinking of becoming a famous song writer, but they forget that behind a famous song writer there is a lot of hard work and lots of practice involved. Plus a certain amount of skills are also required to get success in the music industry. So if you have skills and passion to learn how to write the songs then, Loren Israel can give you the lessons so that you can achieve what you want.

Loren Israel song writing program is of 6 months and it costs you just $400. However, if after 2 weeks of classes you think that you are not made for this then you can get your money back and you can leave with a handshake and a smile. Loren Israel provides you training just like a top athlete coach. By the time the 6 months of his course ends, you will have become a professional song writer as guaranteed by Loren Israel.

In these 5 steps Loren Israel make you the professional song writer:

Song writing 101: The very first and basic step is that you need to learn the fundamentals of song writing. In this first step Loren Israel will make you write the fundamentals of your favorite hit song. At first it is a bit tedious but it is essential for you to learn it.

Using the code: After learning the basics of hit songs, the next step is to write multiple simple songs of your own. Though seemingly difficult at first, soon this may become your second.

Songs: Now after you become master in encoding Loren Israel will set a goal and make you write a song in one week. And he will tell you immediately what you did wrong and what is good in your writing.

Recordings: After you write 5-6 Loren Israel helps you record them in studio with a suitably matched vocal. And after your recording is completed Loren Israel will outline how to market your song to the effective extent.

Live shows: The last step is to showcase your talent out and wide to the world. He will help you throw live shows and build a positive and energetic image in front of your audience.

If you are also passionate for the music, come to Loren Israel and let your dreams come true.


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