Why Composite Doors are better suited than Single Material Doors

Wooden Doors:

Wooden doors have been used ever since the use of doors started. What followed were these doors needing replacement every 3-4 years when used in houses or properties in places of heavy weather changes. Wooden doors cannot deal with heavy rains or humidity as they shrink and crack when they come in contact with water or moisture. Wooden door styles are still famous and they are still the most widely used doors in the world.

uPVC Doors:

These are the next generation doors. They are a little more resistant towards weathering than wooden doors. These doors are less expensive as compared to the traditional wooden doors. Due to the use of Plastic Polymer Polyvinyl Chloride in uPVC doors, they require less maintenance. It still has certain flaws which makes them less popular.

Composite Doors:

The latest entry into door making is the composite doors Brentwood. These doors are made of more than a single material giving them strength against all sorts of weathering and a stylish design to suit your needs the best. These doors are made of thermally insulating polyurethane foam at its core which is 100% Chlorofluorocarbon free. The next layer is made of hardwood to give it rigidity and the outer most layers are made of PVC to give it a color matching with the lock. The door frames in composite doors Loughton are also made of PVC and galvanized steel to give it strong durability. Most Composite Door manufacturers provide a warranty backed by insurance which generally is of 10 years. This makes Composite Doors much better than traditional wooden doors and PVC Doors.

Essex Composite Door Shop is one such composite door manufacturer providing the best quality doors in Essex and surrounding areas.

About Essex Composite Door Shop:

Essex Composite Door Shop makes traditional style composite doors of more than 20 designs and in the most vibrant and traditional colors available. They provide a 10 year insurance backed warranty on their doors. They also claim to pay £500 if their door locks are picked by a robber and offer to replace the door for free with an additional warranty of 10 years.

For more information on Essex Composite Door Shop, log onto: essexcompositedoorshop.co.uk.


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