Use Alcohol-free Hand sanitizer for a Natural Hand Hygiene

According to the latest survey, almost 85 percent of common infections get spread through the hands. Washing your hands properly is an essential part of preventing and controlling the germs from spreading illness. Properly washed hands reduce the risk of infections, food poisoning and flu being passed from one person to another. Although washing hands with soap is the most trusted method. But, hand sanitizer is the latest option that has come a long way due to their effectiveness.

Washing your hands with Sanitizers can instantly kill the germs and harmful bacteria on your hands. They can be commonly found at the entrances of hospitals, schools and public washrooms. hand sanitizer lotion is a gel that contains alcohol and effective ingredient to kill the germs effectively. There are various benefits of using hand sanitizers such as:-

  • They are convenient and easy to use.
  • Sanitizers are portable and save your time.
  • They are instant and can kill the harmful bacteria within few seconds.
  • Adding hand Sanitizers to the washrooms and canteens in schools can save your students from illness.
  • By using hand sanitizer you can also save a lot of water.

Till now, alcohol has been the main ingredient in most of the sanitizers, but there are companies that have started manufacturing alcohol free hand sanitizer to provide long lasting protection, without any side effects and drying hands. Germ Bloc is the leading provider of alcohol-free hand sanitizers and products like foam, spray and more. Their unique products are the best solution to all your hygiene related concerns. Their products are perfectly suited for traveling, health care centers and educational areas. Germ Bloc products kill 99.99 % germs and thus they are recommended by certified dermatologists. The natural ingredients and effective formula of these hand sanitizers can leave your hands soft and germ-free.

About Germ Bloc:-

Germ Bloc is the leading company which offers the most effective hand hygiene products for keeping your family away from infections. Since 2013, they have been manufacturing alcohol free hand sanitizer lotion and sprays for natural hand cleaning. To get more information, you may log on to

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