Skin Problems Bothering You much? Know whom to Call

The skin we wear perfectly represents everything about us. It reflects a person’s self management ability, and also declares the condition of the person’s overall health. If there is something wrong with your stomach, your skin will show. If something’s wrong with your digestive tract, it will show on your skin as well. A skin in bad shape will almost always mean bad news for you and you should get it checked out by a doctor right away. Sometimes skin damage gets out of hand and needs specialized treatment, provided by medical experts termed dermatologists.

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to visit a Dermatologist Jacksonville FL, you know for a fact that no regular doctor can take care of problems like an expert dermatologist. Skin problems extend to the hair growth regions like the scalp on the top of your head. All the hair problems come under the medical duty of a dermatologist only. There are also very serious diseases related to the skin that a dermatologist takes care of. One of these big issues is skin cancer.

For a person suffering from skin cancer, Mohs surgery remains the best method of treatment. In Mohs surgery, the affected part of the skin is removed to test for growing cancer cells and device a treatment plan accordingly. With such high value in the market, there are many dermatologists with their own separate practices. In this highly competitive market, finding a reliable doctor to take care of your problem is difficult.

Well, not if you’re a resident in the state of Florida, because Park Avenue Dermatology Jacksonville FL is a practice that has been around for enough time to gain quite a reputation in the market. They see around 949 patients and treat around 352 skin cancers in an average month. They have their main office in Orange Park, with other branches in Jacksonville and Fleming Island (Florida)

About Park Avenue Dermatology:

Park Avenue Dermatology is a medical facility for skin and hair problems. The Jacksonville Dermatology experts are well versed in treating skin cancer and other skin and hair related problems. For more information, visit


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