Why Being Self Employed Is Better Than Working Under an Employer?

Being self employed is a matter of pride for most people. Self-employed jobs are much better than other jobs as you can be your own boss. This gives the freedom of working at will. The more you work; the more money you can make whereas being an employed worker you can only earn a fixed salary plus some overtime bonus if the employer provides. Self employment motivates you to work harder as more you work, much extra money you can make and all the profit you make are your own rather than sharing them with your employer. There are few fields which still allow for self-employment and one such opportunity is available in courier delivery industry.

Self employed courier jobs UK has been on the rise in the past few years. Statistics have led to the prediction that UK courier market is set to grow rapidly in the coming years and establishing yourself at a self employed courier delivery job can be highly profitable. The need for drivers is ever increasing in the logistics delivery field as the e-commerce industry flourishes across UK and Europe.

The boom in the e-commerce industry has led to all round job creation from marketing to logistics and this opportunity shall be pounced upon before the e-commerce bubble bursts. While the e-commerce websites are leaving no stone unturned to provide the best of services, providing express delivery for products is their biggest concern to gratify their loyal customers. This has led to more job openings in courier delivery.

Looking out for owner driver opportunities UK is a viable option to enroll in this industry. There are many websites which provide a platform to get such jobs and one such website is Courier-market.co.uk. Courier Market provides the best jobs for courier delivery for people willing to be self-employed. The website registers the interest of willing people looking out for delivery jobs and suggests them jobs and companies willing to hire such services. The company provides a plethora of options for self-employment.

About Courier-Market.co.uk:

Courier-Market.co.uk is a UK express delivery jobs providing website. The company has a fast growing network for its subscribers to find extra work through subcontractors. For more information, log onto: Courier-market.co.uk.


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