Know more about this Common Symptomless STD

People absolutely love making love. What they also love is ignoring anything that can potentially stop them from doing what they love. One such thing is awareness of STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Ignorance is what leads people to ‘enjoy’ unprotected sex, and it also what leads them to hospital beds when they’re diagnosed with serious STDs. Most STDs show symptoms when they’ve already been breeding within for a long time. But the disease we’re talking about today might just go un-noticed until the damage is already done!

Chlamydia is a bacterium based disease that spreads from contact with genital fluid from the vagina or semen. It is true that a person can be infected by Chlamydia and not notice it until it requires severe measures to be treated. Chlamydia symptoms in men will not show up until the infection is already at around 60% of its total capacity of damage. Symptoms when do however show up, can include discomfort while taking a leak, pain in the balls, infection in the throat, conjunctivitis, rectal pain and weird white discharge from the penis. Such symptoms can be scary, but are absolutely treatable.

Woman are also equally, if not more vulnerable to the disease. Chlamydia symptoms in women include change in color and consistency of vaginal discharge, severe burning and pain during intercourse, heavier and longer menstrual discharge and also bleeding after sex.

The problem with Chlamydia as mentioned before is that symptoms don’t usually show up. So you can never be sure if you’re infected or not. So your best course of action, every time you discover new partners, is to get a Chlamydia check up done. There are seriously not enough precautions you can take. What I tell you next will clear out all doubts you had about the existence of flavored condoms; Chlamydia can be transmitted through ‘unprotected’ oral sex too! Most people don’t even know that unprotected oral sex is a thing, but apparently it is!


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