Why DSP Advertising became a Popular Choice for Mobile Ad Publishers?

Mobile ads have become more popular as more and more people browse the internet through their mobile phones. Ads have to be displayed within a matter of seconds on the website of the publisher. These ads are displayed to their target audience based on their locality and search trends to ensure they don’t just visit the website but also become a buyer. Mobile Advertising Networks companies carry on such processes by using specific tools to ensure a higher rate of CPM for the publisher’s website. CPM means cost per thousand ads. This is the rate of a publisher’s website for every thousand ads that it displays. This rate depends upon the number of hits the website gets each day.

While Ad networks promise higher CPM rates to the publishers, they can hardly ever fulfill their promises. Adnetworks are run by humans meaning they are slow and use simpler tools to in this complex mechanism. These ad networks usually add their mark up in the media that they sell which makes them more costly. This is the main reason for the development and growing popularity of DSP advertising companies.

DSP means Demand Side Platform. DSP software enables to automatically purchase advertising impressions on publisher websites. The software buys ad spaces in a matter of milliseconds based on real time bidding which sells the ad to the highest bidder. This ensures that the ad is displayed as soon as the page is loaded.

DSP advertising companies have captured the market these days. There are many companies offering DSP advertising services and one such company is Mobi Visits. Mobi Visits is a company working in the advertising industry. The company has designed highly efficient mobile DSP software which supports real time biding which enables its partner publisher websites to gain maximum revenue by selling the ad space to the highest bidder while also ensuring only the real humans visit the ad links by controlling bot traffic through its Fraud Detection Cloud Technology.

The experienced personnel working with Mobi Visits have made it a leader in the mobile ad space over the years. The company ensures highest revenue for its clients by charging a flat fee for its services. For more information on Mobi Visits, log on to: Mobivisits.com.


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