How SD WAN Solutions can Help Multi-National Corporations in Saving Costs

Wide Area Network or WAN has become the powerful business tool, over the few decades. WANs are basically large communication networks that covers wide geographical area which include cities, state and countries and thus WAN allow big organizations to communicate internally faster and efficiently. WAN helped enterprises to stay connected with data centers and other branch offices, even with the vast geographical distances. One of the main disadvantages of WAN is that WANs are generally complex and thus it is expensive to set up a WAN. However, recently developed Software Defined Wide Area Network is cheaper and highly efficient than traditional WANs.

Software Defined Wide Area Network eases the complexity of configuring and managing network. This technology is almost 10 times faster than the traditional WAN networks and also enables enterprises to consolidate network functions into a single abstract layer.

Banks often face network and application failure. SD WAN technology allows central management to stay connected with all the branches through internet and thus maintain secure access along with cloud support. SD WAN allows real-time performance checks helping organizations to diagnose and troubleshoot problem areas in a jiffy. The use of SD WAN also reduces the cost of operating a wide area network by optimally utilizing connectivity resources at each branch location. This can save costs up to 60% juxtapose with other WAN.

Cloud support for SD WAN is an important factor to ensure mobility as well as responsiveness. As people face more and more problems with traditional WAN technology, businesses are rapidly moving towards SD WAN technology. This technology not only supports organization’s operations but also reduce costs while maintaining optimum standards of security.

With the growth in demand, SD WAN vendors are rapidly rising. One such leading vendor is CloudBrij. CloudBrij focuses on efficiently deploying SD WAN across their clients and their partners’ networks. Their services ensure cost savings along with reduced TCO for their clients and their partners.

About CloudBrij:

CloudBrij has made a name for itself as one of the leading SD WAN solutions provider. As a pioneer of the SD WAN technology, CloudBrij designs the application bespoke for their clients. Their comprehsive solution also includes a consolidated billing platform (one bill for all circuits), one dedicated support team, and telecom expense management services. For more information on CloudBrij and their services, log on to:

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