Win the Mega Fortune Jackpot on Your Mobile and become an Instant Millionaire!

Mega Fortune is one of the most well know online casino jackpots available, with a progressive jackpot that frequently climbs to more than 4 Million Euros, and sometimes reaches figures in above of 10 Million Euros.

It’s possible to play this game on your mobile phone, a tablet of on a desktop device of your preference.

The game Mega Fortune, is available on various online casino sites, but the best portabl to keep track of these is called Mega Fortune Mobile. They feature only the best sites, and have a live Jackpot ticker so you can see what the current value of the jackpot factually is!

The History of Casino, and how the Mega Fortune evolved to the mobile device

Casino originally was a place where people used to have fun by playing games, singing, enjoying their hobbies and gambling. Gradually gambling grew with the growth of the wealth of people. It was a hobby of rich people in those days. Now everyone can afford to gamble according to the depth of their pockets. Most of the gambling activities take place in the European, Russian and Australian grounds. Gambling is in fact carried out more in countries where gambling is considered to be illegal.

Casino gameplay has emerged to be a way of having fun, for your pleasure which induces a lot of excitement and addiction among people. It has become a market, a way to multiply money, a mode of gaming. Casino gaming nowadays is prevalent over every possible platforms of technology. People apart from in a casino can gamble even while sitting at a remote place by using mobile devices.

There are numerous games which are now played online like Roulette, Poker, Racing, Slot Machine etc. Among all the Slot Machine is the most loved and played online game as it is the most convenient and time saving game. Gambling can be easily enjoyed through games on an online slot machine on the desktop, but also via the mobile devices.

Mega Fortune is a progressive Jackpot slot machine game which is enjoyed and played by the people of Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and Russia. The slot machine Mega Fortune has five reels and twenty five slots in all. The player can bet any amount to win the jackpots. There are three jackpots in the game namely Rapid, Major and Mega Jackpot.

Rapid Jackpot is the smallest and the easiest to win worth of an average of 500 €, then the next is the Major Jackpot worth around 50,000 € and the largest of them all is the Mega Jackpot of a massive worth of 4,000,000 €. The people playing Mega Fortune gets benefitted as the game is licensed by the legal authority in Malta hence the winners of the jackpot receive the entire amount of money without any tax cuts. So go on a journey full of excitement and try your luck on the Mega Fortune Jackpot. Using Mega Fortune Jackpot Mobile combined with your gaming talent, you can win good chunks of cash even playing through your mobile device.

About Mega Fortune Jackpot Mobile:

Mega Fortune Jackpot mobile is a gambling gaming giant which enables its customers to play games on an online slot machine and try their luck out sitting at the comfort of their home. For more details, please visit


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