What are the Advantages of Using Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework which is designed for the web applications which follow architectural pattern of Model-View-Controller (MVC). Some of the exceptional features of Laravel are a modular packaging system, multiple ways through which relational databases can be accesses and utilities that aid in application deployment. Laravel is a framework which provides components, designs and tools for development with which advanced applications can be made easily and quickly. Laravel has fast and secure development possibilities and provides maintainable, reusable and well-organized code. Also, it has excellent practical application structure. There are several benefits of web designing through Laravel. Some of these are:

1. MVC Arhitecture for code organization: Laravel make use of MVC (Model View Control) design for organization of code which ensures clarity between presentation and logic. MVC architecture not only enhances the performance but also allows better documentation and constitutes several built-in features.

2. Built-in tools: Laravel boasts several built-in resources that streamlines and enhances all the popular tasks. Functions like verification, routing, caching and many more are built into this framework.

3. Modular: Laravel framework is designed over more than 20 different libraries and is divided into individual segments. It work on modern PHP principles and allow developer to build responsive, modular and useful web apps.

4. Unit-Testing: Laravel has become one of the preferred choices of programmer’s beause of the way by which it facilitates Unit testing. It performs several tests to make sure that any new update done by developer does not break anything in the application unexpectedly.

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