Why Sergio Arguelles Gonzalez is Considered a Pioneer Real Estate Mogul

In this highly competitive world, it becomes very important for companies to follow well planned strategies and tactics to grow their business and to be ahead of their competitors. There are some companies which offer top-notch real estate solutions to help several companies to mark their footprint in today’s market place. FINSA is one such leading company that provides highly integrated real estate solutions and has made immense contributions in the real estate arena in Mexico, Argentina, and United States.

FINSA was founded in the year 1977 and is currently the most reliable, seasoned and well-recognized real estate developers in Mexico. They serve with both national wide and global coverage to fulfill all the operational requirements of their clients. They are dedicated to provide the quality services of leasing, construction, urbanization and assert management.

FINSA is rising continuously with the dedicated efforts of its president and CEO, Sergio Argüelles González. He became the president of FINSA (Spanish: presidente de FINSA) in the year 2001 and since then the group has been rising steadily with large number of successful international projects completed under his supervision.

Mr. González is highly qualified and holds a degree of Economics from the Texas University. He has completed his graduate studies in finance and administration in the Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University and the IPADE. He is also the biggest shareholder of the company. With his own initiative, FINSA has become the pioneers in manufacturing and developing clusters across Mexico.

He has made great contributions in the growth of FINSA and what FINSA is now is due to him and his team’s unbridled commitment towards their goal of estate development. FINSA also partners with institutional financial players all over the world such as GE, AIG and Walton Street Capital who have achieved continuous growth, expansion and business success.

Sergio Arguelles entrepreneur is also active in various firms and business organizations such as CANACINTRA, ADI, AMCHAM, member of AMPIP (Mexican Association of Industrial Parks).

When it comes to his rewards and recognitions, he has received the Good Neighbor Award from the Mexico-American Chamber of Commerce in the year 1998. With his dedication and contribution, FINSA expects to develop with over 20 percent. He also said about the good expecations on the arrival of new automotive manufactures and their effects on Mexican Suppliers.

For more details regarding Sergio Arguelles, you can log on to Sergioarguelles.mx.

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