How Hiring a Private Security Consultant can keep Threats at Bay

Private security consulting (consultoria de seguridad privada) can be extremely helpful for enterprises in the corporate world. The corporate world is extremely competitive and one can never be sure of keeping confidential data safe from prying eyes of the competitors. Security consultants ensure that the enterprises’ secrets are well preserved and prevent any leak of documents or news. They ensure such services by deploying surveillance cameras, limited access doors and private investigators.

Miami private investigator deployed by security consultants ensures that they keep track of potential threats to the enterprise. These investigators are trained and skilled in the art of staying under the radar and collecting valuable information on behalf of the company. They source such information from their high networking skills which ensure that they have access to various records and archives at their behest. The investigators make sure that they do their job slipping under the scanner and make sure that any suspicious activity against the enterprise is neutralized before it can ruin the enterprise’s public image.

The investigators also keep track of events and key personnel of the enterprise in order to safeguard the enterprises’ interest if such personnel ever went rogue. There are many companies offering security consulting services and one such company is Ashenoff and Associates.

Ashenoff and Associates is a security consulting company based in Miami, Florida. They offer services of private consulting, private investigators, corporate research, background research, surety insurance and other such security and investigation related services. Found over three decades ago, Ashenoff and Associates has since been a leader of the industry and served clients globally. The company is a member of the Florida Surety Agents Association and Dade County Bail Bonds Association assuring their clients of trustworthy services. Their services ensure that any threats to their clients are kept at bay.

About Ashenoff and Associates:

Ashenoff and Associates is a company offering security consulting, investigation and litigation services to its clients. The company also boasts a team of experienced attorneys in Miami for lawsuits (abogados en Miami para demandas).

For more information about Ashenoff and Associates, log on to:


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