How Football can be your Best Bet for a Day Out

Wondering what to do on a free day? Playing football can be your best bet. Football is the world’s favorite outdoor sport. The team game can be enjoyed along with friends and is the best way to spend time with your friends. The game requires a pitch to play on, but finding a football pitch Singapore can be extremely difficult. A small sized pitch is needed to play 4 aside matches and such pitches are hardly available.

The small pitches allow you to play with less number of people while have the same amount of fun playing the game like the trequarista you always wanted to be. These street football pitches make sure you play the street style football as played in video games, without any rules. Soccer field in Singapore can be counted on your fingers but some of these soccer fields are extremely well maintained which ensure that you do not get injured while playing. This added safety ensures that you can play the beautiful sport on weekends or post office hours along with your friends.

There are few pitches to play football in Singapore and one such leading soccer field provider is The Ark. The Ark offers you a place for a family or friends get away from your busy work lives. The place has over 4 football pitches along with a tennis court. People can enjoy playing football or futsal in 4 aside teams. The place also hosts tournaments and can also be booked for birthday parties or corporate tournaments. The ARK is located in 2 areas of the city for the convenience of their clients. Each location has 4 pitches along with an event are for clients to conduct private events.

About The Ark:

The Ark provides you futsal booking Singapore services. The Ark is known for its quality pitches and exquisite event area for private parties. Their dedication to serve their clients with the best has made them one of the best in the industry across Singapore.

For more information about The Ark, log on to:


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