Rent a Soccer Field in Singapore to Have a Great Session of Football

Singaporeans are highly sports enthusiastic people, eagerly participating in different types of outdoor and indoor sports for friendly competition and recreation. There are many parks, ovals and stadiums which host different sports leagues to improve the sporting prowess of local people. Singapore offers an abundance of playing space for both indoor and outdoor games. There are plenty of private clubs and places where you can go for a sporty session. There are plenty of sports in which Singaporean people indulge in. The most liked and a fast growing sport in Singapore is football.

Anyone familiar with Singapore and its lifestyle will know how many street soccer court Singapore has. For company tournaments, family get-together and birthday parties Singaporeans often book Futsal pitches and open playing areas to pass the time in the most exciting way. It won’t be wrong to call Singapore a football freak country.

Everyone in Singapore goes out on the street futsal pitches in Singapore to have a great session of soccer with friends and family. This is a great way to do some exercise, have fun and relieve some stress all at the same time. You can join local groups and classes for the game of football, if you don’t have much people along side. There are many private sports arenas and clubs that are available on hourly basis.

These private clubs offer great facilities for sports lovers. You can make booking with any private club and play soccer there for a fixed period of time. So bring out the footballer hidden in you and go for a futsal session in street soccer clubs like The Ark. Not just soccer grounds, service providers like The Ark offers grounds for events and other sports also. The Ark is a service provider you should be calling next time for booking pitches for futsal. They have plenty of futsal pitches and football courts of large size where you can play with your buddies and family members.

About The Ark:

The Ark is amongst the best renders of soccer field in Singapore. They also have good size event areas and tennis courts to rent out. They are open from 8 AM to 11 PM daily.

To know more about them, visit


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