How Buses are the Most Convenient Way to Enjoy Traveling in Bolivia

Traveling by bus may seem to some as a slow and maybe dull means of travel, but it is also the most economic, and the one that allows you to see the most of the landscape. This is true in Bolivia, which offers breathtaking landscapes and very affordable bus travel. Towns are located in close vicinity to one another and bus travel allows you to completely explore the cultural transitions in the country. Taking a bus Uyuni La Paz can ensure that you overview a vast number of towns and villages over the course of travel whilst also enjoy the breathtaking views of the salt flats of Uyuni.

Uyuni is a small town in Bolivia, known for being the point of entrance to the Uyuni Salt Flats, the largest salt desert in the world. From the town of Uyuni you can take guided tours to the salt flats, as buses DO NOT travel across them. There are many natural attractions besides the actual salt dessert, such as the red and green lagoons, and there are even a couple of hotels made of salt bricks. Bolivia travel guide suggests that the small town of Uyuni hosts over sixty thousand visitors from around the globe which is more than 6 times its population.

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About Tickets Bolivia:

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