Get the Safest Removal of Mohs Skin Cancer by Professional Dermatologists

Everyone struggles with skin issues at some point of time in their life. The reason could be anything, pollution, eating habits, stress or genetic issues, but what you need to do is finding ways to improve your skin health. Dermatology is the best option to get rid of major skin issues and skin diseases like eczema, acne and even skin cancer.

Skin cancer is one of the rising skin problems which can only be cured by a surgery. Mohs surgery is one of the most effective treatments for skin cancer which completely remove the cancer affected cells from the body. Mohs treatment for skin cancer can only be performed by a skilled dermatologist who possesses both experience and knowledge of the field as this is an intricate surgery which needs to be performed with perfection.

The process starts by marking the area and then cutting out visible cancer after anesthetic injection. Once the visible layer is removed, you will be bandaged and then your surgeon will again diagnose to remove skin affected cells, if any are left. As the surgery treats your skin there are chances to get some minor wounds which cannot be healed by just stitching. Melanoma is one of the most serious skin cancers, which can only be treated by Mohs surgery to provide a permanent solution.

If you are looking for the best dermatology center in Jacksonville area, then Park Avenue Dermatology is the best medical care center for getting state of the art services. Dr. George Schmieder who is a board certified dermatologist providing assistance to people who have lost their confidence due to skin problems and disorder. He has been performing the most effective Mohs surgery Florida for years with his professional team of a dermatologist, physicians, and nurses etc.

About Park Avenue Dermatology-

Park Avenue Dermatology is the best medical care center for patients suffering from skin disorders and diseases like cancer. The dermatologist Jacksonville Beach aims to provide you the best results through their effective treatments.

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