Know How Organic Herbs are Luscious and Super-Beneficial at the Same Time

If you are a food enthusiast or some nutritionist, then you will always be keen and curious for embracing the horizons of heavenly and wholesome food savory spots. And Organic Medicinal Herbs perfectly accomplish these demands. The little aromatic leaves not only boost the enticing aroma, lively flavor and rich green color of the cuisine, but also possess notable medicinal value.

Herbs are not only utilizable for mere garnishing, you also need to see beyond this and consider these tiny leaves as major culinary players because when you go through these leaves keenly, you will explore a whole new world of healthy taste. It is true because from the archaic times, herbs have been acclaimed for their medicinal traits. Moreover, herbs’ healthful advantages and value as some food ingredient is being realized newly.

Herbs with considerable amount of medicinal value offer impeccable perks. They have been employed in treating various ailments of body in an effective as well as manner. If you are seeking a reliable source to get second-to-none aromatic and medicinal herbs, then the perfect way for possessing fresh herbs beneath your fingertips is Bidaj L.t.d because it is a market leading company of aromatic and medicinal herbs since decades. They manage to become of the most dependable and renowned companies with a belief that Organic Aromatic Herbs are the essential component of future of humankind. The company has been collecting, cleaning, drying, testing, controlling and exporting their conventional dried herbs since 1994. They endeavour to serve their valuable clients with top of the line organic herbs in a convenient manner.

Bidaj L.t.d possesses an authentic relation with all its collectors and suppliers that are situated within all the territory of Albania. It is Rrogozhine based company, located at the center of Albania. The company has been a credible source for exporting great quality of organic herbsto several companiesthat are established in different regions of Europe including Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, France and Turkey.

Bidaj L.t.d had received EU Organic Certification in 2017 for keeping a follow up with organic herbs. Most of the herbs offered by the company are collected and extracted from Albanian fields, forests and mountains.


Bidaj L.t.d is a family founded company that is ruling the market of Organic Dried Herbs since 1994 and has achieved a significant level of client’s satisfaction.

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