Buy this Effective Product to Avoid Mixing up your Kitchen Sponges

All of us know people who are obsessive about cleaning and hygiene . Some of our friends or family members are such clean freaks that it can drives us crazy. They want everything in the right place, properly arranged and absolutely neat. These situations are far too common in the kitchen. Unclean dishes or a messy kitchen counter is just not acceptable, but the real problem starts when you don’t know how To Clean Sponges.

There’s a solution, for those that keep two separate sponges in the kitchen; the clean and the dirty one. While the good sponge is used to clean the dishes, utensils, and anything and that will go in our mouths, the dirty one is used to clean the sink, the counter, and the other dirty things. But what if the two of them get mixed up? Can you imagine the chaos it will create in the lives of the clean freaks in the family? To sort this problem and to make your life easier, there is a products that can ensure that the good and the “evil” kitchen sponges never get mix up.

This product offer separate shelves to keep the kitchen sponges sorted. Now, people wouldn’t have to worry about mixing your clean sponge with kitchen sponge bacteria. This is the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones who are clean freaks. You could make their lives a little easier by gifting the perfect kitchen sponge holder. This product can ensure that your sponges don’t get mix up as there are separate sections to place them. A person will always remember where they had placed the sponge and use it accordingly.

If you are looking for a perfect kitchen sponge holder, look no further than The Spongester. It is a product that was designed by Michael G. Frank in order to help his germ-conscious roommate, which later became the savior for all the cleanliness lovers. Spongester has a smart shape that prevents cross-contamination with semi-perforated and bendable shelves. This shape promotes drainage and inhibits bacterial growth. It is the smart choice for people looking for effective sponge separation solutions.

About The Spongester:

The Spongester is made in the USA, and designed in Brooklyn NY. Keeping the good sponge away from the evil one and inhibiting kitchen sponge odor since 2012.

For further information, please visit

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