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Overview of EMC Testing

When it comes to launching a new product in the global market, quality and reliability are everything. If the company is producing electronic and electrical devices, they have to face the additional EMC Testing as it will allow them to sell internationally.If the deviceor the electronic gadget fails to comply with the EMC terms, it will be recalled from the market consecutively affecting the company’s brand name and revenues to a great extent. For this reason, passing a product through EMC testing is very necessary for thecompany’s success in the market. But what exactly is EMC Testing? And why is it obligatory?

EMC testing ensures product designers that electronic or electrical devices work through compliance against target environmental conditions properly. It basically deals with the problems of noise emission and noise immunity of electronic and electrical devices.

This testing is essential for a variety of common devices, such as radios, TV, and PC or laptop, but it is equally important when it comes to vehicles, machines, and other large industrial equipments. EMC Testing comprises a number of tests to ensure the compatibility of the device. These include both radiated and conducted tests that look at the immunity and emissions of the product. EMC test procedures and limits for different products will be different depending upon the specific application.

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Importance of EMC Testing and Environmental Testing Guidebooks

The modern engineering has grown by leaps and bounds and has taken the world by storm. Today, professional designers and engineers work round the clock to design and develop innovative electrical and electronic devices such as TVs, Washing Machines, Cell Phones and Music Systems, just to mention a few so as to make the human lifestyle better and comfortable. Meanwhile, the market has turned fiercely competitive and it is no wonder that there is always a pressure on designers, engineers and project managers to introduce new consumer products in the market quickly and at competitive prices while maintaining high quality.

It is mandatory for almost every electronic and electrical product to comply with Electromagnetic Compatibility, or better known as EMC requirements so as to be sold in the international markets. Electrical and electronic devices have the tendency to emit electromagnetic fields. EMC ensure the device is capable of operating in its target environment without being affected by electromagnetic fields of other devices. Similarly, it also ensure that the device will not emit nuisance electromagnetic fields which may disturb the operation of other devices. EMC Testing comprises a number of tests to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of the device.

Non-compliant electrical and electronic products are always at risk of being stopped at customs or recalled by the companies, which can leave a negative impact on the brand image of the company. If you are an engineer or a project manager working on a project and are worried about the EMC compliance of the products, then end all your worries as there are a number of EMC Testing Guidebooks available that can aid you get your equipment through EMC testing successfully.

In addition to this, you can opt for the best Environmental Testing Guidebook to help you in compliance against temperature, climatic and humidity testing. The Environmental Testing Guidebooks are written by highly trained and professional engineers that provide complete guidance on the various humidity and temperature test processes that are carried out for various electrical and electronic products.

Some products design for industrial need to go through comprehensive vibration and shock tests. These tests can be complex and potentially destructive to prototype systems Shock and Vibration Testing guidebook to help you understand the different process of vibration and shock testing and how to make your product comply vibration and shock requirements.

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