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5 Benefits of Utilizing the Durable 45 Degree Helix End Mills

The 45 degree helix end mills are typically used for cutting purposes and perform different milling jobs at factories. These end mills have increased shearing action and thus helps to decrease the cutting forces and the amount of heat generated while milling procedure through their efficient functioning. They are helpful in making the more precise and finished surfaces with the best performance that is difficult to attain from hand jobs. They are usually made up of aluminum alloys and have several benefits for molding over the traditional machines.

Thus, here are 5 major benefits of using the 45 degree helix end mills that ease out the manufacturing processes at industries:

Good thermal conductivity:

The thermal conductivity is the property of metal to conduct heat through material. These mills have made with the aluminum alloys and can transmit the heat too fast. Thus, the heat transfer occurs at a higher rate and with an ease.


The 45 degree helix end mills are light weighted than the other end mills. Hence, it has fewer chances of injury.

High strength-weight ratio:

The 45 degree helix end mills have high material’s strength. The mill structure has higher durability and requires less material than the old technical machines to complete the job.

Excellent machinability:

They too have excellent machinability due to which the metals can easily be cut with better finished surface at low cost.

Improved surface finish:

Plus, these end mills can also improve the seals and help to reduce the lower friction.

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Buy End Mills to Streamline Complicated Milling Applications

End mills are one of the revolutionary precision cutting tools, which are used in modern industries for milling applications. Automotive, Aerospace, Metalworking, Mold and Die are some of the industries where these milling cutters are primarily used. These tools are precisely designed to cut and make holes in every direction with accuracy. These milling cutters are made from different kinds of materials including solid carbide, cobalt and high speed steel (HSS) and available in different shapes, sizes, designs, number of flutes, unique corner designs along with various types of surface coating to perform all kinds of machining operations.

If you want to buy end mills, reamers, hand reamers, burs, drills, taps or other precision tool, nothing can prove to be better than routing towards web source. Online you can browse variety of options and can find the tools that serves best to your application. Moreover, you can choose any trusted supplier that has stocked variety of precision tools which can benefit you with increased productivity. In addition, reamer is used to enlarge an existing hole. To accurately enlarge the whole or smooth sides or edges precision reamer is used.

In addition, 3 flute end mills for aluminium are highly sought after among professionals as they work the best and allow larger flute area. You can also get solid carbide end mills with 3 flutes to 5 flutes and 6 and accomplish your project on time.

These days, 45 degree helix end mills are mainly preferred over standard end mills given that it helps you get results with faster and better finish in aluminium and other non-ferrous applications. These types of tools are best to carry or difficult machining applications like milling, drilling and others.

There can be certain applications where you may require cutting edges and contouring the work piece and this where hand reamers come in handy. Slightly tapered reamers are also available that avail easy alignment in any drilled hole.

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Purchase World Class End Mills from a Leading Online Source

In an ever competitive market, it is extremely important to install and use the best-in-class and up-to-the-minute machineries, no matter which industry your business falls in. To outperform the rest in the market, it is arguably significant to rely on nothing but best resources that could help in achieving the products that are in accordance with the latest industry standards. Mostly, the products of such premium quality are welcomed by consumers, with their arms wide open. Talking specifically about the mechanical workshops and manufacturing units, they require some of the most sorted and precision cutting tools that could effortlessly contribute to accomplish the intended results.

Among other important tools and machineries, the cutting tools also play a defining role in ensuring smooth operations and unproblematic proceedings in the manufacturing plants. Many precision cutting tools such as metric end mills and reamers, among others have a paramount part to play, which if go out of order, could cause great loss, thereby increasing the down time of the entire unit. To avoid such consequences, it is better to rely on those tools that can be entrusted to provide flawless services.

An end mill is a kind of milling cutter that is designed in order to cut a metal or remove undesired substances from a work-piece, in all directions, unlike the drill bit, which can only be used in the axial direction. These cutters are an integral part of industries having milling or tuning machines. Depending upon various industrial applications, these end mills come in many different types that are a part of different machineries in workshops and manufacturing processes. Corner radius end mills, variable index end mills, tapered end mills etc are some of the types to mention.

While going for these precision cutting tools, it is important to trust only the leading manufacturers and suppliers, who can provide premium quality tools to be used in with the machines, so as to avoid the shortcomings in the manufacturing process in any of the units. Atlas Cutting Tools is one such leading supplier of high quality precision cutting tools for various industry requirements.

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Get Unmatched Quality Precision Cutting Tools Online

Milling is one of the most important machining processes, which makes it possible to remove material from a work piece with the use of high precision cutting tools. The process finds its great role in workshops and industries to create a desired shape or profile. Though, there are several precision cutting tools available for milling, but the one which serves a number of milling applications perfectly is End Mills. An end mill by its appearance resembles drill bits a lot, but what make it different are its geometry, manufacture and wider utility than the drill bits. An End Mill is a type of milling cutter that can make holes and cut possibly in all directions, unlike the drill bits which can only cut in axial directions. Due to its greater and better output efficiency, End Mills are used in profile milling, face milling, plunging and tracer milling.

Depending upon the application and environment, several varieties of End Mills are available. Presently for finding the best ones that are manufactured with great care and perfection, nothing can be better than routing to online sources where the variety and prices both are simply unbelievable. One can even find End Mills that are coated to achieve greater feed rates, higher cutting speed and enhance work performance. The common coatings are TiN (Titanium Nitride), TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride) and ALTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride), each of which makes End Mills assist their application even better. For an instance, ALTiN coated end mills is suitable for milling, tapping and drilling stainless steels, alloy steels, carbon steels and cast iron. This heat resistant coating can be used with or without coolant.

Moreover, for an improved tool life and greater productivity, it is advisable to use corner radius end mills which reduces the chipping, and can effectively cater the mold applications to remove the material faster than Ball End Mills. If you want to buy these high utility end mills, carbide metric ball mills, reamers, threadmills and other to cater your milling needs, then a premium online where you can find High Quality USA manufactured precision cutting tools at competitive prices is Atlas Cutting Tools. They stock over 15,000 Standard, Cobalt, Carbide and High Speed End Mills to furnish different needs of buyers.

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Buy End Mills from Renowned Online Suppliers

To say cutting tools are a significant part of modern industries would be an understatement. Be it automotive industries, construction industries, manufacturing units or even mechanical workshops, where the operations demand high accuracy and meticulousness, precision cutting tools play a very important role when performing tough machining jobs with absolute precision.

Milling is a very common yet highly important industrial application that comprise tracer milling, profile milling, face milling, and plunging. While performing milling, high quality precision cutting tools in the form of end mills are employed which go a long way in helping the professionals to execute complex and highly demanding jobs which normally include cutting, rounding and shaping some of the hardest known metal to man, accurately and effortlessly. End mills can be described as a unique kind of cutter used for cutting and making holes. What differentiates end mills from other cutting tools is that the exceptional tool is capable of cutting and making holes in every possible direction.

A wide range of metric end mills are available out there in multiple sizes, shapes, specifications and types. They are made out of the finest quality materials like cobalt, carbide and high speed steel and using the latest CNC equipment. These tools are designed by incorporating cutting edge geometries and coating technologies. Not only do these tools result in enhanced efficiency and performance but also help reduce operational costs and time consumption.

The tools are held firmly by the shank on one end whereas the other is used for cutting and shaping metals. Flutes are the most important feature of every end mill which range from 2 to 8. End mills with fewer flutes provide quick and efficient solution for chip removal while higher number of flutes delivers seamless and flawless finish.

Aluminum alloys are widely used in various manufacturing units and mechanical workshops worldwide. Coated with ALTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride) Solid carbide 3 flute end mills for Aluminum are the ideal ones when it comes to removing aluminum from the given work piece. ALTiN coating is highly resistant to heat and you can use it with or without coolant. 5 flute high performance end mills are used when the job requires machining hard metals like cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.

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Buy High Performance End Mills for High Speed Cutting

Have you ever noticed that how much an end mill and drill bit look alike? Well, they resemble a lot in their looks, but when it comes to utility, end mills are certainly an obvious choice for enhanced work performance. Drill bits typically can cut only in axial directions or downwards, which is why can serve limited applications. But on the other hand, end mills are sought after tool as it can make precise holes and can cut possibly in all directions. End mills are used for profile milling, tracer milling, plunging and face milling. Different types of end mills are available, differing in terms of geometry, coatings and the applications they are going to be installed in.

For improved work efficiency and best results one should always buy high quality end mills and other precision cutting tools. They are nowadays even available for sale over web. From there, you can find the end mills that fit your requirement well easily. Those who are searching for premium quality high performance end mills that can serve the purpose of high speed cutting at higher temperatures can find them easily over leading websites. The use of high performance end mills offers lees tool wear, along with offering premium finish and unmatched accuracy. Shopping for these online won’t just save your time, but in addition makes it possible to pick the best brands from leading manufacturers.

For everyday machining HSS end mills is a common tool. These being cheaper than cobalt and carbide End Mills is used for general purpose milling of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Also it is less wear resistant, which additionally makes it even more reliable and credible tool. Other than these, for machining titanium and high temperature alloys, aerospace end mills are used.

These tools are designed and manufactured specifically to serve the applications in aerospace, defense, medical, and oil and gas industries. They offer maximum productivity and lowers overall manufacturing cost considerably. For buying these end mills and other precision cutting tools, you can rote to premium online source, where you can choose the best precision cutting tools at the best prices. They feature all USA manufactured products and have stocked over 25,000 items to choose from. To buy these or to know more, visit

Buy High Quality End Mills Manufactured in US Online

The evolution of precision cutting tools has turned out to be a boon for the modern industries and it is pretty understandable why. These incredible cutting tools have made a tremendous impact on the day to day operations of the manufacturing units and workshops, thereby making the job easier, effortless and less time consuming for the professionals. One of the precision cutting tools, end mills are a type of milling cutters that are used primarily in milling applications in industries. End mills are designed to excellence and built to last. The tools are held by the shank on one end while the other end is used for cutting and making holes.

End milllook almost similar to drill bits but they are quite different from them in terms of geometry and application. Drill bits can cut and make holes only in the axial direction, but end mill bits can cut in almost every direction. These types of milling cutters are made out of different kinds of materials such as carbide, cobalt and high speed steel (HSS). The milling cutters come in different shapes, sizes, styles and designs and have different surface coatings. As every milling applications is different and unique, it is extremely important to choose the right end mills to accomplish the job with precision.

Solid carbide end mills are made from sub micro-grain carbide and are manufactured to the tightest tolerance. These tools are probably the most popular and extensively used end mills that are primarily used in highly demanding applications like milling, tapping and drilling etc. Solid carbide end mills are used for machining even the hardest known metals like cast iron, alloy steels, stainless steels, carbon steels and so on. These types of milling cutters have multilayer coatings of ALTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride) on the surface for edge retention and corrosion resistance.

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Buy the Best End Mills Online for Specific Milling Applications

The dependence of industries on tools and technologies is not new. Today, industries such as Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Construction and others rely on different kinds of precision cutting tools to execute their day-to-day applications.  End mills are a kind of precision cutting tools that are widely used in industrial milling applications. So, how can you choose the best tools according to your milling operation requirements? Or from where should you buy such tools? All these questions that you may face while buying end mills are answered in this article; it will allow you to make a well informed buying decision.

End mills are a type of milling cutter, held by the shank on one end, and the other end is used for cutting and shaping of metals. There are numerous types of end mills available these days in different styles, shapes and specifications and made out of different materials like high speed steel, cobalt and carbide. Prior to buying an end mill, you need to take some points into consideration and most importantly, the type of metal on which you are going to work is the biggest factor to decide the type of end mill. Above all, quality and lifespan of end mills is extremely important.

High performance end mills  are available in metals such as solid carbide and high speed steel. If you want a paramagnet solution for machining hard metals and an end mill that lasts longer, solid  carbide end mills  with ALTiN coating are the ideal solution for you. On the other hand, if your project is less demanding, then HSS end mills is the perfect pick for you.

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Buy US Made End Mills from a Reliable Online Store

One of the most important operations performed in manufacturing units and workshops is milling. It can be defined as a process of machining a work piece with flat, curved or irregular surfaces by deploying it against a rotating cutter, better known as end mill. End mills are a kind of precision cutting tools that are extensively used in industrial milling applications. Although end mills are quite similar in appearance to drill bits but they are far more versatile and sturdy as compared to the latter. A drill bit is basically crafted to plunge into the material directly, cutting axially along with making cylindrical holes. On the other hand, end mills are designed specifically for horizontal carving and to cut laterally.

End mills are designed to be held by the shank on one end so that the opposite end can cut and make holes. These milling cutters are made from umpteen varieties of metals like High speed Steel (HSS), Solid Carbide and Cobalt, among others and each of these tools are used for specific job operation. In addition, the latest geometries and coating technologies are applied in order to enhance the efficiency, productivity and durability of the tools.

End mill carbide is one of the most popular and widely used milling cutters that are used particularly for extremely challenging and tedious operations such as milling, drilling and tapping hard metals like cast iron, stainless steels, alloy steels, carbon steels, etc. Solid carbide end mills have multilayer ALTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride) coating on the surface for edge retention and corrosion resistance.

In addition to this, High Speed Steel End Mill is also one of the commonly used end mills. HSS end mills are made from high carbon steel and they comprise Chromium, Tungsten, Iron, Carbon and Vanadium. These types of milling cutters are less inexpensive as compared to the solid carbide end mills and used for less demanding milling applications.

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