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Buy the Best End Mills Online for Specific Milling Applications

The dependence of industries on tools and technologies is not new. Today, industries such as Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Construction and others rely on different kinds of precision cutting tools to execute their day-to-day applications.  End mills are a kind of precision cutting tools that are widely used in industrial milling applications. So, how can you choose the best tools according to your milling operation requirements? Or from where should you buy such tools? All these questions that you may face while buying end mills are answered in this article; it will allow you to make a well informed buying decision.

End mills are a type of milling cutter, held by the shank on one end, and the other end is used for cutting and shaping of metals. There are numerous types of end mills available these days in different styles, shapes and specifications and made out of different materials like high speed steel, cobalt and carbide. Prior to buying an end mill, you need to take some points into consideration and most importantly, the type of metal on which you are going to work is the biggest factor to decide the type of end mill. Above all, quality and lifespan of end mills is extremely important.

High performance end mills  are available in metals such as solid carbide and high speed steel. If you want a paramagnet solution for machining hard metals and an end mill that lasts longer, solid  carbide end mills  with ALTiN coating are the ideal solution for you. On the other hand, if your project is less demanding, then HSS end mills is the perfect pick for you.

Now the question arises, from where to buy high quality end mills without overspending? Well, the most prominent option for you is Atlas Cutting Tools. Regarded as the most prolific online store, Atlas Cutting Tools specializes in US manufactured precision cutting tools. They offer a comprehensive range of precision cutting tools such as end mills, reamers, taps, burs, countersinks and drill mills, among other tools that have been manufactured by top manufactures in the United States. They offer a comprehensive range of standard, carbide, cobalt and HSS which are manufactured to the highest standards.

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Buy US Made End Mills from a Reliable Online Store

One of the most important operations performed in manufacturing units and workshops is milling. It can be defined as a process of machining a work piece with flat, curved or irregular surfaces by deploying it against a rotating cutter, better known as end mill. End mills are a kind of precision cutting tools that are extensively used in industrial milling applications. Although end mills are quite similar in appearance to drill bits but they are far more versatile and sturdy as compared to the latter. A drill bit is basically crafted to plunge into the material directly, cutting axially along with making cylindrical holes. On the other hand, end mills are designed specifically for horizontal carving and to cut laterally.

End mills are designed to be held by the shank on one end so that the opposite end can cut and make holes. These milling cutters are made from umpteen varieties of metals like High speed Steel (HSS), Solid Carbide and Cobalt, among others and each of these tools are used for specific job operation. In addition, the latest geometries and coating technologies are applied in order to enhance the efficiency, productivity and durability of the tools.

End mill carbide is one of the most popular and widely used milling cutters that are used particularly for extremely challenging and tedious operations such as milling, drilling and tapping hard metals like cast iron, stainless steels, alloy steels, carbon steels, etc. Solid carbide end mills have multilayer ALTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride) coating on the surface for edge retention and corrosion resistance.

In addition to this, High Speed Steel End Mill is also one of the commonly used end mills. HSS end mills are made from high carbon steel and they comprise Chromium, Tungsten, Iron, Carbon and Vanadium. These types of milling cutters are less inexpensive as compared to the solid carbide end mills and used for less demanding milling applications.

Atlas Cutting Tools is a widely renowned online store that offers the widest selection of precision cutting tools including end mills, drills, taps, burs, reamers, thread mills, counter sinks and so on that are manufactured in the US from some of the renowned manufacturers. Here at Atlas Cutting Tools, you can explore whole wide range of milling cutters that consists of end mills in different materials, sizes, shapes and types. You can choose for the best end mills according to your specific job requirements.

The bottom line is, if you are in search for the best quality end mills or other precision cutting tools, then Atlas Cutting Tools is the most prominent web-based source where you can get US manufactured precision cutting tools at the best prices.