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Buy Mouth Watering & Healthy Dog Treats for Your Furry Friend

Regular activities along with proper nutrition are two of the most important factors that help in maintaining the health and wellbeing of your dog along with improving their immune system to fight diseases. Most of the owners show the love and affection to their beloved pets by giving them delicious and wonderful treats. While most of the dog treats are nothing but empty calories, there are some special types of highly nutritious and tasty treats for dogs that will give your pooch the much needed supplemental nutrition. These special types of dog treats are often referred to as functional dog treats and understandably so.

Improving dog’s health and wellbeing with dog treats made from real meat and wholesome ingredients is certainly a proven and effective way. But today, there are different kinds of products available in the market, which are just useless and waste of money. If you are a smart pet owner and looking for the mouth watering and healthy dog treats, then premium treats from Betsy Farms is something that your beloved four-legged friend is surely going to love.

Betsy Farms is among the highest rated companies in the United States, dedicated to bringing healthy and mouth-watering dog treats and snacks of the finest quality. Betsy Farms is specialized in production of the nutritious dog treats using wholesome ingredients which are sourced from the most reputable supplies in the USA. Betsy Farms has its own fully equipped manufacturing facility based in Springville, Utah where they harness the power of unique dual heating process. This proven technique eradicates potentially harmful bacteria. Moreover, they use the real poultry, which is pulverized, mixed with other essential ingredients and cooked again for better outcomes. Not only do they use state-of-the-art technology and proven techniques to produce dog treats, but also avoid the use of harmful ingredients, artificial additives and flavors to ensure your dog gets healthy nutrients packed in delicious snacks.

With reference to the products offered by Betsy Farms, they offer jerky recipe treats in 4 different varieties including chicken, turkey, duck and natural chicken that are chewy from outside and creamy from inside. Also they offer the finest quality peanut butter dog treats which are high on nutrition and extremely tasty. You can get these mouthwatering and healthy dog treats from Betsy Farms exclusively at Walmart, Sam’s club and other leading retailers in the US.

About Betsy Farms

Based in the beautiful Eagle, Idaho, Betsy Farms is a premium American company that offers healthy and mouth-watering dog treats made from real meat and wholesome ingredients. Go to for more information.

Reward Your Dog with Delicious Dog Treats

There is absolutely no doubt that pets love treats more than anything else. As a pet owner, you get a sense of satisfaction and happiness when you provide your best companions what they really love. Dog treats are special types of food that are given to the dogs once or twice in a month and not as staple food. They are regarded as the best and most prolific option to reward or train your furry friends. Various scientific researches and studies have revealed that dogs respond easily and quickly to positive reinforcements instead of some serious punishments while they are being trained. The puppy treats provide better and effective results when training a puppy.

Giving your beloved pets too many treats that are not rich in nutrition leads to more calories intake, which eventually affects the overall health and weight of your pooch. Obesity in pets can cause innumerable health problems down the line along with lessening their lifespan. Therefore, when it comes to buying dog treats for your furry friend, it is extremely essential to get the best quality dog treats that are rich in nutrients and wonderful in taste.

Vera Treats is a widely recognized brand offering VeraTM Premium Treats for dogs that are highly nutritious and tasty. Premium Vera Treat ismade from 95% real meat along with high quality ingredients such as glycerin, potassium sorbate (a preservative) and sodium ascorbate (a preservative).They carry the largest selection of premium dog treats that include chicken fillets, beef fillets, duck fillets, sausage links and burger patties, all of which are extremely delicious and healthy for your dog. As VeraTM Premium Treats are made only from wholesome ingredients with no animal by-products or artificial colors and flavors, you can be assured that you will be giving your precious pet the flavor experience of a lifetime.

Now you might be considering where you can purchase VeraTM Premium Treats. Well, these outclassed products are exclusively available at Petco, a leading American retailer that specializes in high quality animal supplies. Summing it up, if you dearly love your pet and wish to express your love to him, then VeraTM Premium Treats are the best option for you.

About Vera Treats:

Vera Treats is a leading brand that offers the finest quality and highly nutritious grain free dog treats at reasonable prices. Go to to know more about the dog treats.

Protect Your Dog against Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks can be a very big problem, if they are not dealt properly. Generally dogs can become infested with ticks and fleas through contact with them in the environment or contact with other animals. These crawly and creepy parasites are not just annoyance, but also pose human and animal health risks. They suck your pet’s blood as well as human blood. These parasites can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, tick paralysis, ehrlichia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, just to mention a few. Hence, it becomes essential to protect your pet and keep your environment clean and safe with the use of proper flea and tick treatment.

A flea-infested dog can bring in hundreds of new flea eggs each day. Pet owners can take action before fleas multiply and avoid severe infestations later. There are products available for tick and flea prevention. With the effective control measures, you can eradicate these irritating fleas and ticks and avoid them from multiplying. The effective dog flea and tick control measures can keep your dog fit, healthy and free from unwanted parasites. By using high quality preventive product for your dog, you can not only control fleas but also effectively break the life-cycle of a flea.

If your pet and home are facing flea and tick problems, then PetLock™ Plus is an effective solution for you. It can eliminate ticks and fleas from your pet, ensuring that your dog is healthy and safe all season long. PetLock™ Plus is a waterproof and monthly spot-on solution to control ticks, fleas and chewing lice. This product is available for all sized dogs.

To prevent ticks and fleas, this effective solution is applied once in a month on dogs. This preventive solution should be applied regularly to keep your home, family and pet safe. It is fast acting, long lasting and easy to use. PetLock™ Plus can help control the parasites and prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases.

This product can be very effective for ticks and flea treatment for dogs. The fleas are killed and eggs are demolished, that can develop quickly into adult fleas. In this way, you can easily protect your dog from these blood-sucking parasites. PetLock Plus™ is available at Petco stores and other specialty retailers in USA.

About PetLock™ Plus:

PetLock Plus is an effective treatment and preventive measure applied monthly on dogs that kills fleas, ticks, chewing lice, larvae and mites. For more details, please visit

Use the Best Preventive Solution for Fleas and Ticks for Dogs

Flea and tick for dogs are more irritating, disgusting and horrifying than you actually think. Despite being tiny in size, these creepy and annoying insects are often found feasting on blood of domestic animals and also spreading different kinds of infections and diseases. More than just an itchy annoyance, fleas and ticks pose serious threats to the health and wellbeing of your four-legged friends. Flea bites more often result in flea allergy dermatitis, a kind of allergic reaction to proteins in flea saliva and a pet constantly scratching the affected area. It can lead to permanent hair loss or severe skin problems. Fleas taking blood-meals of your pet can also result in anemia and, in some extreme cases, death.

On the other hand, ticks are also equally terrifying as they transmit various kinds of infections like Lyme disease. Moreover, your furry friend can bring ticks into your living space, exposing you and your dear ones to serious problems from tick bites. There are different kinds of repellents, pesticides, and growth inhibitors available in the market these days. As a responsible pet owner, you should be extra cautious about using flea and tick treatments, as most of these products contain harmful chemicals and toxins and hence, even a small mistake can have serious, even fatal consequences.

Just in case, if you are a pet owner and looking for the highest quality and most prolific solutions to control fleas and ticks, then PetLock™ Plus is the most effective ticks and flea medicine for dogs. PetLock™ Plus is an easy-to-use, fast-acting, waterproof, monthly spot-on solution, which is specially formulated to control and prevent the problems related to annoying fleas and ticks. It is the best treatment and preventative solution that should be applied on your furry friend once in a month. PetLock™ Plus is particularly very effective in killing fleas, ticks, chewing lice, mites and mosquitoes and destroying the eggs that can develop quickly into adults.

PetLock™ Plus comprises the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus (Fipronil- 9.8% and (S)-Methoprene- 8.8%) but is available at a fraction of cost as compared to the latter. Also, PetLock™ Plus starts working as soon as it is applied on the pets. Those pet owners, who are looking for highly effective, long-term solutions to flea and tick problems, PetLock™ Plus is the ideal option for them.

About PetLock™ Plus

PetLock™ Plus is a special treatment and preventative solution for pets that is formulated to kill ticks, chewing lice and fleas on dogs as well as prevent them from re-infestation. These high quality products are exclusively available at Petco and other leading retailers across the United States. Visit for more details.