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Why EMR and EHR are Effective Digital Solutions for Maintaining Medical Records Online?

One of the most important tasks in the health industry is keeping the medical records of patients accurate and safe. Doctors require the exact data regarding health of patients who are admitted at their clinical facility and sometimes they need to review their previous health records as well. This data is very helpful for the physicians and doctors for providing adequate health care solution and treatment to patients. Free electronic medical records can be maintained with the help of digital EMR systems installed at hospitals and clinics.

These cloud based EMR systems or free electronic health records are capable of storing comprehensive data regarding the medical issues of a patient and track the medication and drugs administered to them in hospitals. These digital systems are also equipped with billing and coding gateways as well which can create exact bills based on the reports of patients and helps them in receiving the insurance benefits from the respective insurance company. Many a times some errors take place while physically making bills which creates problems during claiming for the insurance or the other medical claims. Many times even physicians are unable to keep the correct records on paper or sometimes these reports and records go missing that further complicates the problem.

Technology along with internet has created some wonders in the health industry by creating online portals and digital systems for all the medical records to be kept and to be found on the right time, when required. NovoMedici is one such cloud based EMR and EHR digital system that stores and tracks medical history of a patient and can be further retrieved by doctors and patients in future. It is a cloud based system that offers a very efficient patient care flow, simple fast and accurate coding and billing service and a user friendly portal. It is useful for both physician and patients as physicians get all the required information about the patients before the patient even visits the clinic via its portal and the patient doesn’t have to face problems while having their medical reports prepared. It makes easier for claiming insurance benefits as their entire medical and health records are kept safe on this portal.

About NovoMedici:

NovoMedici is a cloud based EMR and EHR system which is of great help for doctors and patients in maintaining appropriate medical records and storing them for future use. For more information, you can visit,