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For All the Hopeless Romantics, Online Dating is Probably your Best Bet

These days, finding someone suitable for you is more difficult than finding a whole pizza in your fat friend’s refrigerator. People find someone they like, they approach them either successfully or they fail. If they fail, they do the same with someone else. If they don’t however, it starts a chain of events that may end up in both parties being disappointed. For most of the people, finding sex is easier than finding love. Settling for someone not suitable for you will always end up badly in the longer run. But that is the main problem. People stopped caring about the longer run.

The purpose of getting acquainted with new relationships has changed from looking for a life partner, to doing it just because everyone else is. The generation before us was probably blessed because they didn’t have to go through the hassle of finding their matches themselves. The parents used to understand the needs of their child better than the child himself. Arranged marriages were like slow earthen pots in which the food (a metaphor for the love between a couple) slowly cooked over time into a delicious meal.

The point is we are the worst judge of ourselves. Which is why, most people these days have a failed or non-existent love life. The causality, with which the relationships are treated these days, is what the bane of a successful relationship is. In this internet driven generation, one big positive for all the hopeless romantics is online dating. This concept works much like arranged marriage where your match is found by someone better at finding matches.

Free online dating sites demand your general information like name contact details etc. along with in depth information about you and the things you like. Obviously attaching a photograph is required. The site then will find you matches according to your hobbies and interests. You can approach the matches online itself through the messaging service, and eventually approach for a date.

This creates a comfortable environment for people who find it difficult to approach new people in person. It is fast, easy and convenient. It creates a relaxed environment where you can practice all your wits and think about what to say before nervously blurting out random non-sense. The chances of meeting new people are ever so increasing in an online dating scenario. For those who have always found it difficult to find someone compatible and lovable at the same time, finding them online on a site doing the same thing you are is probably your best bet.

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