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Avail Contract Screen Printing Services and Get Effective Print on Apparels

Digital printing methods and invention of advanced machineries has made it possible to directly print the designs onto the garments. The innovation of graphical designing and screen printing techniques has brought a drastic change in apparel printing processes. Moreover, these printing methods greatly escalated the demand of custom made apparels. These digital printing systems are generally used for designing logo or brand identity of a brand or organization over t-shirts and uniforms of the employees. Moreover, printing of large poster and promotional banners has become quite easy because of screen printing. Contract screen printing process is also applied for printing designs on curtains, slip covers and other such apparels.

Some of the advantages offered by Screen printing are:

• Screen printing method employs mechanical devices to force the ink directly into the fibers. Thus, these prints are more durable and long-lasting.

• Printing with screens allows it to scale the image downwards or upwards as needed. This means that the logo of your company can be printed covering the entire area of the shirt or can be crafted only over the pocket.

• Screen printing consumes less time than many other banner printing techniques.

• Through contract embroidery and screen printing, various types of designs can be created easily.

• The quality of the apparels does not alter after using these printing methods. This has made various brands to employ the techniques of screen printing.

There are some leading companies such as Bay Promotions that offer apparel printing services and also printing on large promotional banners and posters. They make use of Direct to Garments methods using the advanced digital printers. The SGIA standard company, Bay Promotions, is working the field of digital printing and embroidery since 1998.

About Bay Promotions:

Bay Promotions is one of the renowned company that offer services of contract T shirt printing as well as printing of other apparels, upholstery and promotional banners. They make use of advanced digital and screen printing methods and also embroidery for designing your garments and posters with vivid colors. For more information, please visit

Choose The Best Contract Company For Contract Dtg Printing Services

Fashion conscious individuals including both men and women, these days love to wear designer t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and various other outfits decorated with captivating graphics and designs. These stylish garments with unique graphics are decorated using a number of techniques that generally include screen printing, embroidery, direct to garment printing, heat transfers or dye sublimation. Among these techniques, Direct to Garment Printing or simply known as DTG Printing is the latest digital garment printing method that has completely revolutionized the way of garment printing. In DTG Printing, the images or graphics are printed directly onto the garments using the specialized inkjet printers.

Not only the process of printing on garments using the DTG printing technology is simple and hassle free, but it also offers high quality graphics with unlimited color options. This technique is effective for small quantity, multicolor graphics and even full color photographic images. Because of the growing trend and popularity of designer garments with appealing graphics, most of the businesses in the fashion industry have included them in their stock to meet and exceed the expectations of the consumers. If you are a startup business, online store or fashion production house and looking for direct to garment solutions, then it is highly recommended to choose a reliable Contract DTG company that can help you in the best possible manner.

A reputable contract company is driven by a pool of qualified and highly trained professionals with plenty of experience in the field of DTG Printing. The professionals work closely with the clients to determine their specific needs and requirements. They bring in their creativity and technical expertise and utilize state-of-the-art DTG Printers to provide you with the finest quality custom products. From Contract T Shirt printing to bags, towels and headwear, they are well versed in every aspect of contract DTG printing.

Bay Promotions is one of the highest rated contract companies in the USA that is specialized in embroidered, screen printing and DTG printing. The company offers unparalleled Contract Embroidery Services with the best pricing in the industry. They carry out the entire embroidery process in-house and provide you with top quality products with the fastest turnaround time. No matter what your garment printing needs are, you can rest assured that Bay Promotions will deliver you the best solutions without compromising quality or budget.

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