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Commission Discounts and Rebates – The Changing Dynamics of the Real Estate Market

The global recession which hit back in late 2007 majorly affectedmanufacturing and service sectors! Businesses started suffering huge losses which ultimately led to many smaller companies running out of business while the bigger companies such as multinationals were forced to layoff many of their employees at the expense of safeguarding the company’s future. The real estate market was one such business segment which was the main culprit behind bringing about such calamitous times.

Since the end of the global depression in the summer of 2009, many best real estate websites agencies have implemented strict rules and regulations to make sure such a scenario is not revisited in the future. More competition has also seen different agencies as well as brokers offer augmented services in order to attract customers as well as generate business and strengthen their grip on the market.

A commission refund, also known as a home buyer rebate, is a discount offered by the buyer’s agent to the home buyer as a means to strike a good working relationship with the home buyer in the future. Traditionally, the commission is split between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. Inconsequently, with the development of technology, buyers have become more informed and often do not require the services of a real estate agent to buy a property as they have access to all listings on the MLS. Due to this reason, many discount real estate agent are much more in demand as buyers seek some form of rebate.

Padvue is one reliable team of real estate buyer’s agents that is renowned for offering rebate programs according to the HUD, VA, FHA and conventional loans and also provides a systematic property search service.

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