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Are You into Mobile Retail Business? Then, Opt For a Reputed Wholesaler

There is no point in explaining that what mobile phones are; how important they are in this time and age; what are the benefits of these pocket-size gadgets. Almost everyone is familiar with this electronic gear and use it in daily life. Importance, usage, benefits and utility of mobile phones is known to everybody. From being a life luxury to a basic need of modern lifestyle, mobile phones have come a long way. Gone are those days when buying a phone was considered a luxury or privilege, now everyone has some or other type of phone in their hand.

Considering the deep penetration of this device in people’s lives and all time growing demand, anyone into the selling of mobiles phone is bound to make some serious money out of the business. People are not stopping themselves from searching for android mobile and android tablets for sale ever. Those people who are in the retailing of mobile phones can make a great margin just by being a connective entity between wholesaler and customer.

There is an ample amount of business opportunity for retailers in phone selling business and now with the wholesalers offering greater working opportunity, retailers can easily take out the cream out of business. Wholesale mobile phones online is also a possible scenario for retailers, as there are wholesalers using the internet to make their business reach wide and strong. If you are also in the retail business, then you need the backing of a wholesaler whom you can trust and with whom you can prosper in the business.

For a retailer, the wholesaler is of utmost importance and you cannot put your trust and money on just any random wholesaler. You need to have a wholesaler like Atomic Cellular, and then only you can expect good margin and top of the line services. Atomic Cellular is a wholesale and retail shop offering cell phones and other devices like iPad, tablet, phones, wearable and more. Devices of all major brands are available at this online wholesale store; Samsung, iPhone, LG, HTC, Sony are some of the brands. Not just wholesale, they also work as retailers. You can order single handset from their website.

About Atomic Cellular

Atomic Cellular is a leading web based wholesaler company offering phones and other gadgets at low prices. For buying Samsung low price mobile android or phone of any other brands in wholesale, trust no one but Atomic Cellular.

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Track the Cell Phone Activity of Your Kids with Mobile Phone Spy App

As the mankind has evolved and progressed with time, they gained wisdom, intelligence and the power of judgment but one thing that has sharply declined is the credibility and trust among individuals. As technology has blessed individuals with numerous electronic equipment and communication devices like cell phones to facilitate better communication link between them, but the same has now turned into a reason for breaking of relationships and also has become a thing that is abused by kids and children.

There is no doubt, that today there are numerous parents who are startled because of their kid’s excessive engagement with their phones and they want to keep an eye on what they frequently type or text on their messengers or with whom they are talking to at late nights. To track your kids and the text or calls that they make to some person whom you think might be a suspicious or malevolent being; a mobile phone spy App can be quite helpful. These days the mobile spy apps are programmed to provide you full control over what your kids or your life partner does with their phones when you are not around. One such software is IntelMobi that you can secretly install on the cell phone of your target and keep a track on the SMSs, calls and the websites that they visit.

The key logger feature that comes with this cell phone spy software records andstores all the key strokes made by the person and saves them in the file and keeps it hidden therein. This can help you in knowing the exact details of texts and chats that your target does behind your back or the websites he/she frequently visits. It also has an SMS tracking feature that empowers you to read all the inbox and outbox messages along with the name of contacts, and the exact timings of the messages being delivered and received on the target phone. The app also provides GPS tracking facility to know the exact location of the target phone and the most important thing is that it keeps itself hidden in the mobile and doesn’t come into the targets’ notice.

About IntelMobi

IntelMobi is a mobile phone spy application that works well on both android and iOS platforms. To know more, visit

Cell Phone Spy App: Keep Tabs On your Kids and Hirelings

Today’s tech-savvy youngsters are prone to a lot of dangers over the internet, which they use at their fingertips. While there are many child safety monitoring solutions already available for your children secured on the computer. However, another gadget that your kids access frequently is mobile phone. Calling and Text messaging has become quite popular among young people around the world. But the big concern is what your teen is doing on the phone? Thus, to be sure that your kid is safe and secured.

Furthermore, in huge corporations provide mobile phones to their workers and give a massive amount of money, each month for the mobile phone usage of these employees. However, they barely know whether the workers are using the company’s phone for the intended work purposes only. Are they using their company vehicles for work purposes? Moreover, if you own a company and wish to keep an eye on your employees for seeing what they are doing with the company’s phone, then you can go for the Cell Phone Spy App that can effectively monitor their activities, enabling you to keep a track on their messages, calls and much more.

However, choosing the right mobile phone spy software can be a bit abstruse. There are a lot of features, companies and pricing options to select from. That is why; it is imperative that you comprehend how the software functions and how closely it serves your purpose. One such application that you can rely upon for spying cell phones of your employees, kids or any other family member is IntelMobi. IntelMobi is a Mobile Spy for Android that apart from being hidden, has varied features like, SMS tracking, deleting messages, application usage activity monitoring, GPS tracking and more.

IntelMobi is ground-breaking spy software that is intended to provision the users with modern prominent features that will surpass their expectations. IntelMobi lets you keep a check on incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, time and date. It also gives exclusive details about the applications that are frequently accessed,

About IntelMobi

IntelMobi is one of the efficient and paramount cell phone spy and GPS tracking application providing safe spying software for smart phones for watching over your kids, family or employees.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S5 in Nigeria from the Best Online Store

Internet technology has advanced dramatically over the past few years. Nowadays, buying anything online is a child’s play as all it takes is just a few mouse clicks. Tech-savvy people are now utilizing Internet for various purposes such collecting information on various topics, connecting with near and dear ones through social media websites, downloading the songs, videos and movies and a lot more. Another important use of Internet is to buy gadgets such as sound systems, iPods, headphones TVs and most importantly mobile phones. Now people do not intend to go shop after shop for buying mobile phones, all they do is check the specifications and buy the phone online. If you are looking forward to replace your old mobile phone with a new one, then here is something that can help you.

With a wide range of smartphones available in the market, choosing the right one can be a challenging and frustrating task for many. Well, if you are considering buying one-of-a-kind smartphone that complement your personality while providing lightening fast performance, then nothing can be better than buying Samsung Galaxy S5 in Nigeria. These gadgets are amazing, stylish and user-friendly. You will surely fall in love with the smooth touch, a top quality camera along with various useful features of this stunning smartphone. Price is a crucial aspect while buying smartphones and you can feel free to compare price and additional services before making any final decision.

Apart from this, when the summer season comes around the corner, it is important to have all your cooling appliances up-to-date. Chilled water and drinks will be required when you will come back to home after working all day long. If you want to replace your old freezer with a new and high quality one, then buying Haier thermocool freezer makes absolute sense. There are various online stores available and you should Google up for one of the best and reliable online store to provide you with the best products.

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