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Broadcast Your Content on Social Sites through Facebook Live Stream App

Some of the new applications have been launched to let you live stream your videos to your social followers. These applications can stream your video on various platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Truly, the live streaming n Facebook is commendable. This Facebook live stream app helps you to broadcast your favorite moments with your family as well as friends.

This Facebook live stream application makes it possible to roll out Facebook live to high-profile users, celebrities as well as local users. The Facebook live stream application has become a leading app for live streaming in the world.

A few of the reasons why Facebook live stream is gaining popularity all around are mentioned below:

Accessible to everyone:

The Facebook live application is now accessible by everyone. You just need to have a Facebook profile to broadcast.

Easy to use:

Such applications are incredible and can be used easily. Now, you can use this application via your smartphones, iPhone or iPad, following a simple procedure. All you need to do is to login to your Facebook account through your phone and then choose your page and tap to start your live streaming.

Notification to your page liker:

Everyone who likes your page and live streaming content receives a notification. This helps you to increase the number of fan followers as well as visitors of your video posted.

Promote and prioritize your event:

It can promote your videos greatly as you can set them for particular groups and for private or public users according to your choice.

Whether you want an iPhone app for live stream view in iTunes, live for YouTube view in iTunes, live in broadcaster view in iTunes or Cameleon companion view in iTunes, Yatko is the best company on which you can rely for!

Yatko is a New York based company that provides an amazing app by the name of Cameleon LIVE, which is a Facebook live app for iPhone, Mac and windows computers. It makes possible for you to publish your content live to the audience by just downloading their software.

About Yatko:

Yatko is a reliable software company that provides Facebook live software and applications to enable you to go with the Facebook or Twitter live for iPhone. Get more details on

Enjoy Energy Savings with Advanced Energy Efficiency Software from a Well-Known Supplier

Today, data center designers, hardware manufacturers and energy-efficiency-standard groups are striving hard to develop products with higher energy-efficiency. Improvised energy efficiency offers huge cost effectiveness to businesses. A company can use it to manage the rising energy costs & rising problems due to widespread greenhouse gas emissions. The introduction of robust energy management systems including demand side management software helps drive competitive advantages, remarkable cost savings and ultimately, mitigation against the volatility of energy price. The companies that have comprehensive knowledge and understanding on energy usage systems enjoy better productivity, staff engagement as well as several reputational benefits.

One of the important tools that every business must use is the energy monitoring software. This will help them control and optimize the power consumption. The main utility of these kinds of software is to help organizations enhance competitiveness and productivity while minimizing costs and wastages at the same time. In the long run, this helps companies to improve their profitability figures. The software is generally suitable for all kinds of businesses irrespective of their nature and size. Especially, for the businesses that involve energy-intensive processes, this software helps develop & implement an energy guideline & policy to optimize its consumption. This will also help determine the core energy-users. With consistent monitoring of energy consumption, businesses can now identify newer opportunities as well as track energy usage trends.

Today, there are many companies that offer highly automated energy efficiency software for the success of your business. ESG is one such web-based company in California that offers most effective software solutions to track & optimize the energy consumption of your commercial spaces. Founded in 2001 as a subsidiary of Direct Technology, the company built world class software such as demand side management software and Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform (EECP)to optimize the energy efficiency of your business. They offer 100% field-tested and configurable software to help you improve energy efficiency.

The demand side management software provided by the company helps enhance demand-side management. ESG has more than a decade of experience in the industry and offers highest level of services in value for money prices. For more details, visit

SMS Marketing: Open New Dimensions of Communication For Businesses

In order to be successful, every small to medium sized business needs as much promotion and visibility as they can get. Marketing strategies are implemented by business owners to reach as many new potential and current customers as possible. Sales promotions, daily deals, new product releases and even event communication are a few basic areas that businesses promote.

But it’s not just businesses that need SMS, fast and efficient communication is needed in every industry – financial, churches, real estate, retail, events and government offices amongst many others. Television advertisements are widespread, but still fail to ‘reach’ everyone they target, and radio and newspaper advertisements have a tendency to be ignored. However, a new and far more efficient way is available now. 98% of people, who receive SMS messages, open them within seconds. SMS marketing has taken marketing to new heights.

Mobile marketing is more direct than television, and on a bigger level than radio and newspaper. SMS marketing can also be used by companies to keep their customers updated on their new products and company updates. SMS marketing has many benefits. It’s quick and instant for starters; it’s flexible as you can target a specific group of people or just a huge chunk of people you don’t know.

SMS marketing has the highest conversion rate compared to other mediums. This means that people are more likely to respond positively to SMS than a television advertisement, because SMS is more personal, engaging and interactive. They are also more reliable then emails, since they don’t have to battle against various spam filters. The potential to reach a huge number of clients is endless because in this generation, the mobile phone is used by more than 4 billion people worldwide. This has given birth to many online based SMS marketing providers. iZigg Mobile Marketing is one such SMS marketing software company that focuses on mass SMS marketing, reaching maximum numbers of customers in a matter of seconds.

iZigg is a renowned text messaging platform that works with gigantic names like KFC, Monster Energy, Pizza hut, Harley Davidson Motorcycles etc as clients. High volumes SMS is delivered in an instant, at an approximate speed of 2000 messages per second, making iZigg one of the, if not the fastest way to connect to a large numbers of people. iZigg provides a plethora of features including a calendar and scheduler for messages, cloud storage system, detailed reporting and many other user friendly, easy to use features that makes it possible for anyone to use it.

About iZigg

iZigg is a cloud based SMS software platform, used for SMS marketing and communication for business, education, transportation services etc. SMS marketing pricing at iZigg ranges from $29 to $499/month and up depending on the volume of messages and keywords you need to send. Take promotion to the next level with iZigg! To find out more, visit

Get the Best Emergency Notification System Integrated to your Organization

The significance of communication in personal as well as professional life cannot be overlooked. To maintain business relations or to broadcast information to a large group, a communicating and effective delivering system is required. Especially in emergency situations, dissemination of explicit information to a huge group can be challenging. Although it is a challenging task, it cannot be neglected in case of calamities and mishaps. An organization cannot run without communication and effective management, and would surely be a mess without it. Therefore, integrating a mass notification system becomes quite essential.

A notification system is a broadcast system used for internal or external communication with a large group of people with the least efforts. Moreover, mass notification system is not only required in large scale business organizations, but also in educational and academic institutions, transport and logistics companies, government sector companies, etc. During natural calamities, hazards, technical vulnerability, this mode of broadcast communication is needed and used to spread information at a faster speed.

AlertSense is a reliable company that provides emergency alerting and broadcasting information to large number of people at the same time. The company has an experience of more than 10 years, and specializes in providing efficient mass notification solutions to several organizations and institutions.

The highly qualified and skilled developers at AlertSense proffer critical alerting technologies like innovative mobile apps, advanced GIS mapping, broad delivery options, intuitive contact management, social media analytics and situational intelligence. The emergency notification system of AlertSense is a cloud based technology which is 100% effective in disseminating information on several virtual platforms.

So, if you are planning to integrate a fine mass communication system for faster broadcasting of information or a smooth work flow, you must approach Alertsense that provides the best software that will best serve your needs. Providing clients with highly effective software for faster communication is their singular objective and they strive to attain maximum customer satisfaction.

About AlertSense

AlertSense is a highly reputed software development and IT company that provides their client with innovative, utilitarian and effective mass notification solution. They design and create solutions for various sectors including healthcare, logistics, education and corporate sectors. To know more about AlertSense, visit their website

Simplify Critical Communications with Emergency Mass Notification Systems

Communication is unarguably a major key to success in each and every field today. Without effective communication, no group, no organization can exist and it is pretty understandable why. Whether it is a business organization that deals with highly critical works on regular basis or a government body that performs valuable tasks for the nation, proper communication system is essential for smooth functioning of the operations and this is the reason why everyone wants to have the best tools for seamless communication.

One of the important things about a communication system is that it should not only be a medium for information and data transfer rather it should be equipped with alerting systems so that in case of emergency situation it can transfer important information. The system should be highly capable of transferring information timely and responsibly. There are more than just a few advantages of modern emergency communication systems. A well equipped communication system supports and helps establish two-way communication so that the information transfer can take place between both parties. A unified system also helps in cross-communication of messages between varieties of communication technology.

A typical emergency mass notification system generally consists of innovative mobile apps, advanced GIS mapping system, extensive alerting modes/delivery options, intuitive contact management system, situational intelligence system etc. All these systems make use of cloud based software technologies so that the information transfer can be done quickly through the virtual platform, making message transfer faster and easier.

As modern systems are completely dependent upon virtual and cloud based technologies these days there are certain companies which you can approach so as to avail such critical communication and emergency alerting services. These companies make use of cloud based services to ensure that their software remains continually available to you. AlertSense is one of the highest rated companies that provide all of the aforementioned solutions and services. The company has been serving almost all industries including healthcare, utility, education, infrastructure, government and also non-profit agencies with its superior mass notification solution such as public alerting, secure collaboration, responder mobilization etc.

About AlertSense

AlertSense is one of the leading organizations that provides the fastest and most reliable emergency notification system and critical communication services that you can undoubtedly trust. For further details, visit

Broadcast Live Events Using Live Streaming Software

The growth in Internet technology has made a lot of things possible these days, which were once considered impossible. Internet has allowed people to connect to the world with just a few click of their mouse. Nowadays, live streaming videos and audios have become an important part of Internet. Live streaming enables the users to watch live and demanded videos over the Internet in a continuous flow, in real-time without downloading them. Just like a live cricket match, live streaming is real-time broadcasting of any event or program.

Today, live video streaming technology is widely used in connecting friends and relatives in online chat rooms, broadcasting news, conducting businesses online, teaching online courses, selling products and services, monitoring properties, showing movies online, and so on. The advance use of computer networking has made live video streaming practical and affordable for the normal users as well.

There are multiple benefits of live video streaming, such as reaching wider audience, reduction in data-transfer cost and keeping content secure. Various live video streaming software solutions are available out there that have been designed to help non-technical users to take the advantages of live streaming. Some of these software solutions are available at affordable costs while some others are available free of costs. Many of the software providing companies also allow the users to download the streaming software applications to their laptops, computers and mobile phones.

Among the various live video streaming software solutions available, the best live streaming app is Cameleon, which is a class-apart from the rest. It is cutting-edge broadcaster software, compatible with major operating systems including Mac and Windows, and can be used to broadcast videos from your personal cameras. You do not require any technical knowledge for using the software. You just have to link the software with your YouTube accounts.

This software allows the user to broadcast to millions of users at the same time, be it a personal event or a talk show. It can also be used for free video streaming and YouTube live streaming, from mobile phones, webcams, GoPro and other cameras. This live video streaming app is made with the intent of simple usage, without involving any technical factor. The users can share the videos through Cameleon, on Facebook. Thus, if you are looking for such kind of live video streaming software, Cameleon is the one of the best to choose.

About Cameleon

Cameleon is the best live streaming software that offers YouTube live streaming from virtually any camera.

For further details, visit

Use the Best Live Video Streaming Software to Go Live

Live streaming is one of the latest evolutions in the field of technology which allow the users to stream videos continuously without the requirement of downloading it. When seen from a consumer’s perspective, this technology is much more advantageous than the traditional ways in which they had to download the videos before watching it. Not only it wasted time, consumed more data but also occupied memory in the computer’s hard drive. Hence, live streaming is better than the old methods in more ways than one.

Globally popular video-sharing website – YouTube is the major platform where people from all the parts of the world upload videos. One can find everything on YouTube from music videos, movie trailers to full movies, news and whatnot! Hence, the major success of YouTube doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Blending live streaming with YouTube is definitely taking it to another level. If you are an avid YouTube user, then you can easily imagine the benefits of live streaming. Not only will it allow you to interact with your fans in real time, run more ads and increase revenue but also you can involve multiple channels for an opportunity of cross-promoting the content. In case you do not have technical knowledge regarding how’s and when’s of live streaming, then stress not, there are certain premium broadcaster software especially designed for live video streaming and YouTube live streaming.

If you are wondering about the working of live streaming software for Mac or Windows, here’s a brief description. First, you have to plug in your USB camera or any other type in the address or URL of IP camera. Let the connection be steady for streaming in two minutes. Now, select a channel where you’d prefer it to broadcast. You are all set!

Whether you have to share your talent, broadcast the wedding of your friend or your kids’ baseball game, there will be no requirement of videos, you can take advantage of the best live streaming software for real-time interaction. Cameleon is one the premium broadcaster softwarefor live broadcasting and YouTube live streaming. With Cameleon, You can start your own YouTube channel and broadcast as many videos as you want.

About Cameleon

Cameleon is the easiest and most powerful live video streaming software which allows you to stream videos on YouTube live. If you want to know more about them, rush to their website now.

Choose the Best Broadcaster Software for Live Video Streaming

There is absolutely no denying that streaming online video content is swiftly becoming the most effective and accessible way to consume entertainment in an internet-driven world. Online video streaming has provided a new and unique way for people to watch their favorite TV shows, movies and other programs from wherever and whenever they want. As the online video streaming movement is growing tremendously, the concept of live streaming is also exploding in popularity. In general, live streaming can be defined as transmitting or receiving of video and audio coverage of an event over the Internet and nowadays, there are more platforms, more streams and more viewers for live streaming than ever before.

YouTube, a globally popular video-sharing website, provides a great platform for live video streaming and broadcasting over the web. Special events, music festivals, rock concerts and other such programs can be broadcasted live on YouTube, which ultimately helps in expanding audience base. In fact, live video streaming and YouTube live streaming empower the organizers to broadcast their events to audience all across the world with the help of Internet. But on the contrary, the concept of live streaming demands a great technical knowledge related to encoding and configuring the complicated software. More often than not, the organizers get stuck in the process as they have no idea regarding upstream, bitrates, bandwidths, encoders, audio-channels, port forwarding, firewalls and other complex systems.

If you are someone who has no technical knowledge regarding live video streaming, then you will be elated to know that there is an excellent solution for you in form of Cameleon, which is the easiest and most powerful broadcaster software for free live video streaming and real-time YouTube streaming from smartphones, webcams, GoPro, and CCTV, IP cameras etc. Cameleon is cutting-edge broadcaster software that has been designed to technical excellence to help people broadcast live videos on the web without having any technical knowledge.

Cameleon can transform any camera into a powerful tool for live video streaming and enables you to broadcast any of your events, be it sports competition, music events, talk shows or even private functions. In addition, it is a brilliant Facebook live streaming app that allows you to broadcast your videos through Facebook and reach a large audience base. It even supports live streaming of 4K videos. With reference to security, it offers highly secure servers for your video streams, providing you with private, public and live stream options and therefore, you need not to worry about anything at all.

Get an Efficient E-Hajj System for Faster Processing

You all must have heard about Hajj, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a greater Muslim pilgrimage to the holy land of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which each of the physically and financially sound adult Muslims inclines to visit at least once in a lifetime. Hajj takes place the 8th to 12th (or in some cases 13th[10]) in the last month of Islamic Calender called Dhu al-Hijjah, and a large mass of Muslims travel to Mecca to carry out this mandatory religious duty every year. It is pretty obvious that as there are a large number of people who visit this sacred land are needed to have their proper passport and visa with them, and are required to carry out the whole application procedure perfectly. Only authorized travel agencies are entitled to carry out the whole procedure and formalities for Hajj, and managing the forms and details of every applicant many a times becomes troublesome for the agency owners. That is why; some genius minds have brought ideal software to simplify the passport and visa issues with great ease, eliminating the list of hassles which obstructs the seamless processing.

If you are the owner of a travel agency who wants to offer visas to your clients in a short time, then it is recommended to use Safa, which is an ultimate Hajj on soft solution for those who are associated with Hajj and Umerah business. Safa is an easy to install system with plethora of functionalities which can save the time and efforts of yours during the Hajj season. The system increases the capacity to store larger traveler’s records and extracting their visas within comparatively less time. This E-Hajj system can easily implement around 200 visas every day, thus saving up to 70% of exceeded time and efforts from your side. Safa can cater to the needs of various travel agencies in the most apt way, as it associates several benefits, like no data re-entry, status follow up, faster issuing of visas, impeccable technical support and several others. Safa system also entails accessories like passport reader that can scan the passport data by scanning the printed image on information page.

About Safa

Safa is an ultimate Hajj on soft system that proves to be of great help for travel agencies that process visa and passports for Hajj. To know more, visit

Get HTC Unlock Box Online to Unlock and Flash HTC Devices

It is a reality that most of the subscribers wish to switch cellular services while keeping their beloved devices these days. Well, they can do it simply by unlocking their cell phones. Most of the GSM phones sold in the market, particularly on contracts, are tethered to one particular network provider. The phone won’t work on other networks because it is locked. Thankfully, there are some innovative phone unlocking hardware and software solutions available that can help you unlock the network restrictions on your device and switch to other cellular carriers and get access to their inexpensive plans and services.

For instance, if you own a HTC Smartphone and want to unlock your device, then XTC 2 Clip is the ideal option that can help you in the process of unlocking your phone. XTC 2 Clip is the highest rated HTC unlock box available in the market that has been designed to execute a wide range of operations including SIM unlock as well as lock, repair, IMEI, change CID/S-ON/S-Off for different HTC models. It supports the entire Smartphone range from HTC, whether previous devices or new flagship handsets.

XTC Clip 2 is another exemplary tool box that comes with myriad of advanced features. It is basically a HTC S-Off box that is capable of unlocking, flashing, repairing, and servicing HTC devices in a quick and effective way. With XTC Clip 2, you can unlock subsidy lock and relock HTC mobile phones and also, manage security flag (S-ON, S-OFF). Besides that, Z3X Box Samsung is one of the most remarkable tools available in the market that is specially designed for flashing and unlocking Samsung Galaxy devices. If you already own a Z3X Box Samsung and want to enhance its features and functionalities then you need to get Z3X Box Samsung Pro Activation from a trustworthy online source.

Iboxstore a internationally-recognized multi-range web-based store that offers the widest collection of GSM unlocking boxes, dongles, activations, credits, radiation meters and measuring equipment and various other cellular accessories to match up with the need of every customer. Whether you are an electronics hobbyist or a professional and are looking for the finest tools and software solutions for mobile phone unlocking or flashing, then Iboxstore is the ideal source for you.

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