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Pika Software Builder: An efficient software builder for app developers

Information and communication technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. At present, millions of individuals use personal computers to perform a lot of their day to day tasks. Certainly, ever since the inception, it has made the life quite easier for the people. People use different windows applications to find out information about anything they want while on the go. On the other hand, app developers worldwide have provided unmatched support to make the use of technology easier and reliable. Windows application developers also need proper base to bring magic in their apps and make them more creative and user friendly. If you are a professional windows app developer and seeking some outstanding app building tools to help you in your projects, then Pika Software Builder (PSB) is the ideal software solution for you.

Pika Software Builder is one of the best Rapid Application Development tools available for windows. It comes with WYSIWYG Application Form Maker that allows seamless building of application interface and you can add more features and advanced functionalities in your apps with SQL server, MySQl, Access, PostgreSQL and Oracle database support. Both the beginners and experienced Windows app developers can reap limitless benefits from this brilliant Windows Application Builder.

The programs developed using this cutting edge software is compatible with most used operating systems such as Windows XP, 7 and 8. In addition to this, if you are concerned about the security of your program, then you would be delighted to know that executable files built with PSB are impossible to be damaged by malicious software. You can build the best and fully customized apps according to your needs using Pika Software Builder.

Over and above this, Pika Software Builder is a brilliant Software Builder Without Programming. Individuals who have a little or no knowledge about programming or coding can use Pika Software Builder to create brilliant windows apps. Beginners can learn the basics of programming and software development in a quick and effective way.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to to get this unique software builder and get your Windows Application development needs fulfilled.

Digital Media Asset Management: Manage the total lifecycle of digital assets

According to IDC (IDC 2013) there will be 44 Trillion Gigabytes of worldwide data by 2020. Estimates suggest that half of that data will be unstructured data i.e. images, video, animation, graphics and text. With that amount of data needing to be managed, there will need to be a whole different approach to Digital Asset Management.

Traditionally DAM solutions provide a repository within which to store, tag and search for company data. The next generation challenge will be a new set of technologies capable of managing a repository at scale and with performance. Add to that the need for distributed repositories and things really get interesting. For the first time, key infrastructure components such as database design and architecture will play a more important role than ever. See why database matters.

Industry dynamics are driving the need for new solutions. For example, big advertising companies or large eTail companies are typically distributed. The content contributors are spread across the globe; the people who need to approve, edit or annotate content are also spread across multiple geographies and timezones; even the content sits on repositories that are likely to be distributed. Big M&E companies like Broadcasters present the challenge of 24*7*365 mission critical environments. It’s a great challenge to have but a complex one to solve.

Software from evolphin Zoom has expanded from the data repository into a highly available distributed asset management system. The solution has delivered on the premise of any time, anywhere on any device. Digital asset software has finally arrived into the mission critical enterprise space. In fact, given the multitude of devices, platforms, file types and tools, it seems appropriate to use the term Media Asset Management.

Media Asset Management software solutions are more expansive in their features, functions and capabilities. They will continue to evolve just like the customers they are intended to serve. As they evolve automation via digital asset workflow and comprehensive analytics will drive productivity and a deeper visibility into the business.

Media Asset Management has come of age. Take a look at Zoom and earn how next generation solutions are supporting next generation customers.

Digital Asset Management Software: For successful management of digital content

Digital files are the primary revenue driver for many companies across the globe. The process of creating such digital files and then leveraging them for business benefit is however a complex process and often involves multiple people, processes, tools and technologies.

Zoom integrates feature-rich functionality – including data deduplication and replication, asset versioning, cutting-edge search, automated workflow, sophisticated analytics, enhanced visual compare, task-level metadata fields and values, automated server and client upgrades, and advanced archiving – into one evolutionary software solution. With the latest version of Zoom, customers are now able to gain complete control of their content, asset, and data management requirements.

There is a broad range of components within the Zoom software solution that drive significant benefits for customers. Some of the more fundamental features include advanced Visual Versioning providing the creative teams with the ability to more efficiently search, lock, edit and store digital files. A comprehensive set of plugins for Adobe applications provide seamless access to the Creative Suite of tools including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Drive.

Zoom Software was designed by creatives for creatives. At evolphin we are very proud of what we have created and invite you to take a closer look at our Digital Asset Management software.

Come visit us at and checkout Zoom.

Maintain the Data Quality of database with FuzzyCruce

People are completely dependent on computers and laptops for various business activities. They can’t imagine performing their business operations without using computer software. They also rely on computers to maintain data for the business. Nowadays business activities have become complex and maintaining data has become one of the hardest tasks to perform. To reduce the chances of error and manage data easily, a flexible and user friendly program is must.

Data is one of the most precious assets for a company or a business. Every company has large amount of data to maintain in its database and arranging and maintaining a clean and well arranged database is crucial for a company. Improper maintenance of data can cause hassles in many ways. To remove the hassles related to data maintenance, many programs are available which provide you with variety of features to take different necessary actions to clean the database.

One of the most popular programs is FuzzyCruce that can help you maintain data in tabular form. When the data is in large quantity, it becomes hard to maintain it and includes more chances of duplication. You can eliminate the duplication of data while applying techniques of Fuzzy Dedupe, Fuzzy Merge and Fuzzy Lookup.

Apart from this, sometimes programmer requires to join the two tables containing related data. With the help of Fuzzy Merge, you can join the two tables and feel more comfortable for maintaining data in the database. This program provides the services of Aproximative String Matching which helps the programmer to search any name or contact number in the database in a fast and easy manner. This program has made data maintenance easier and reliable.

If you are one of those programmers looking for the best programs that can maintain the data in a reliable manner and enhance the Data Quality of your programs, you can check out the services and features of FuzzyCruce and feel stress free with the help of such amazing features. So don’t wait and buy one reliable program and perform most of the necessary actions related to data.