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Pick the Best End Mills for Your Business

Out of the numerous precision cutting tools used in industries, end mills are one of the most important ones that are used in milling applications. They are majorly used in during the manufacturing process of furniture and structures. End mills are precision cutting tools, used for shaping, removing chips and creating precision holes. End mills, although look similar to a drill bits, possess distinct aspects. Unlike a drill, an end mill can cut and create holes in most of the directions.

End mills are available in different kinds of materials including solid carbide, high speed steel (HSS)and cobalt. End mills have cutting edges along with different surface coatings that increase their life and there are different end mills for different purposes. For an instance, tapered end mills are used for plunging, side cutting, contouring and machining angled slots. Tapered end mills are also used in molds and die-casts. Available with different taper angles, which are measured from the back of the flute to the tool’s tip, tapered end mills are also used for machining 3-dimensional contoured shapes.

Similarly, a cobalt end mill, which is made up of the finest quality cobalt and other materials, is used for tougher machining applications. Cobalt end mills have excellent abrasion resistance for improved tool life over standard high speed steel. The most commonly used end mills are the high speed steel end mills. High speed end mills posses a greater life and do not wear off easily. They can be used on wood and plastic and can operate on high speeds and feed rates.

Apart from the HSS end mills, the solid carbide end mills are used widely. They are generally used to carry out demanding tasks like milling and tapping. Carbide end mills are said to be a bit more expensive as compared to HSS end mills. However, they have no competition, when it comes to carrying out tedious tasks of cutting and shaping.

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Find the Best Online Source to Buy the Solid Carbide End Mill

Metalworking is not at all possible without using the right precision tools, technologies and techniques. Whether it is about shaping, cutting or making holes in any type of metal, employing the best cutting tools and techniques is much more than a mere obligation to get smoother finish. In a technology driven world, hi-tech machines and equipment are used in every industry, given that they save a great deal of time and efforts of the professionals while enhancing the efficiency and productivity. Businesses under a broad spectrum of industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Construction and so on depend heavily on end mills for smooth and efficient cutting, shaping and machining different types of metals. Choice of the end mills differs according to the applications and type of metal on which work is to be done. This piece of article can help people in buying the right end mills for their application.

High performance solid carbide end mills, standard carbide end mills, carbide roughers, cobalt end mill, high speed steel (HSS) end mills, tapered end mills are some of those common end mills used in manufacturing plants and workshops. These milling cutters are available in different in sizes, shapes and designs in the market. Precision cutting tools manufacturing companies employ the most advanced coating technologies and geometries to ensure the highest quality of end mills that can work reliably for manufacturing industries.

If you are working on some hard metals like iron, titanium, stainless steel etc. then solid carbide end mill is the right option for you. Carbide possesses some unique natural properties like high resistance to heat, wear and tear. Sub micro grain carbide is used to manufacture carbide end mills that can work in higher temperature and harsh condition. When you have a high demanding job, high performance solid carbide end mills are a great choice to make. You can rely on carbide end mills as they can work on the tightest tolerance and help you in machining and roughing metals.

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Get US Manufactured End Mills from a Reliable Online Store

Milling is one of the most important applications performed in most of the manufacturing units and workshops worldwide. In milling application, the work piece is fed against a rotary cylindrical cutting tool, referred to as an end mill. End mills, one of the various precision cutting tools, are basically multiple-flute milling cutters used for machining hard metals, plastics and wood. End mills are firmly held by the shank on one end while the opposite end cuts. Even though end mills looks a lot like drill bits but they both are different when it comes to their geometry and application. Drill bits are those kinds of cutting tools that are designed to cut and make holes in downward directions only whereas end mills are capable of cutting and making horizontally too. End mills are mounted vertically and these tools comprise two or more helical flutes.

End mills are generally made from varieties of materials, like solid carbide, cobalt and high speed steel (HSS) and are available in different kinds of sizes, shapes, designs and quality levels along with various kinds of coatings. Some of the most common and widely used end mills include Square End, Ball End, Double End Ball, Double End Square, Variable Index Ball End Mills, T-slot Cutters, Dovetail Cutters and various others. These milling cutters are used for various kinds of metals, such as titanium, aluminum, steel, copper and cast iron etc. Given the fact that, every milling application is unique, it is extremely important to choose the correct end mill for the particular material you are using. For instance, if you are machining aluminum alloys and seeking the best end mill for aluminum alloys, then it is advisable to choose a HSS or solid carbide end mill with TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride) coating.

A tapered end mill is basically a kind of center-cutting toolwhich is used for plunging,and this tool is crafted for side milling, contouring and machining angled slots. Tapered end mills are made from the finest quality carbide or HSS hardness and resistance to abrasion. These tools are available in an array of taper angles that are measured from the back of the flute to the tip of the tool.

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Buy the Best Quality US Manufactured Reamers Online

Today, most of the manufacturing plants and workshops around the world utilize the latest technology solutions and tools and it is pretty understandable why. Almost every task performed in manufacturing units and workshops partially or completely depends on tools and technologies to get completed successfully. Industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Mold and Die and Crystal Technology, among others, are those where precision cutting tools such as reamers, drills, taps, burs, end mills, drill mills, dies and so on play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and productivity.

Reamers are one of the most useful tools that are used in various applications in various industries. Reamers are basically rotary cutting tools that are used to eradicate materials from, deburr or enlarge already formed holes such as Angles, Channels, I-Beams and Plates. These kind of rotary cutting tools have sharp cutting flutes on one end while the other end have a straight shank. The more the number of flutes on the reamer, the more feed speed, space and rigidity the tool offers. Reamers can be used by both hand and machine tools. These tools are made from different types of materials such as High Speed Steel (HSS), Cobalt and a few more others and are available in different styles, sizes and specifications to meet tight tolerance demands. For instance, spiral flute reamer is a kind of rotary cutting tool that is designed to technical excellence that not only pushes chips out of the hole but also allows the reamer to be used in holes that have an interruption.

HSS (High Speed Steel) construction reamer is an extremely important rotary cutting tool that is used to make holes for bolt clearance when fastening chassis of vehicles, steel beams etc. There are some more types of reamers such as HSS straight flute reamers, chucking reamers, expansion reamers, dowel pin reamers,taper pin reamers, safety reamers, bridge reamers, taper pipe reamers and numerous others. If you are someone who is looking for the best quality reamers for sale for your specific needs, then there are numerous online sources available such as Atlas Cutting Tools from where you can get the finest quality precision cutting tools at the most competitive prices.

Atlas Cutting Tools is a widely recognized online store based in Waterbury, Connecticut that is specialized in USA manufactured precision cutting tools. They have the largest selection of precision cutting tools such as end mills, drills, taps, reamers, chamfer mills, countersinks, and so on that are manufactured by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the United States.