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Avail the Best training for facial injectables and facelift Procedures

Does Jennifer Aniston’s flawless skin still at the age of 47 leave you dumbstruck? Or Kylie Jenner’s pouting lips leave you restless? All thanks to the breakthrough advancement in cosmetic science. Your cosmetic surgeon can either you turn into a gorgeous faced person or to the likes of Courtney Cox whose cosmetic surgery proved disastrous. It all depends on expertise of your cosmetic surgeon and hence facial injectables training is the need of the hour.

Due to the fear of getting wrinkly face and fear of rejection from the society, people tend to resort to these Angelina Jolie making clinics. It is of utmost importance that such surgeons possess the requisite training and knowledge. Vampire facelift has become a necessity for actors and models to stay in top position. It is a procedure wherein blood is taken out from patient’s body; it is processed to make it platelet rich plasma and re-injected to remove wrinkles and giving you an all new charming face. Sometimes lack of dexterity leaves you with a ‘vampire face’ lifelong. Workshops and trainings must be provided to surgeons so that they let you feel unperturbed and confident about the surgery.

Sylvia Silvestri, a famous cosmetic surgeon herself, has been practicing facelift and surgeries in Beverly Hills R.N. for over 20 years. Apart from being a dexterous nurse, she offers facial injectables, facelifts and Botox training to many surgeons. She also provides onsite individual and group training. While injecting various toxins, she takes care of all facial precautions. She also ensures that her trainees have a conversation with their patients on what all options they have for facial makeover. This consultation clears the patients’ worries and they can easily place trust on their surgeon. Class strength of 4 ensuring personalized training and hands on models give you the best environment for training. The total cost of the training is $4897. Sylvia also runs vampire facelift certification course. Some of the salient features of such training are as follows:

• No investment in equipment or inventory

• Technical support in PRP

• Consistent medical support

• Effective and well drafted protocols

• Advanced training and certifications

About Beverly Hills RN

Beverly Hills R.N. is operated by Sylvia is renowned for providing trainings in facial surgeries like vampire face lift training, PRP and other skin treatment methods. For more details, you may visit or call on +1 (424) 274 1024