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How Uber is as a Better Alternative to Taxi Rides

Uber has taken over the world with its cheap taxi services. The multinational giant has done so without owning a single vehicle around the globe, by hiring car owners and drivers to partner with Uber in order to share the bookings and earnings. These earnings sharing policy of uber has made sure that the company does not incur any losses while also making more money for the drivers.

The drivers are hired as contractors and the Uber Income has made them their own bosses. They can choose their own working hours and can earn money according to the number of clients they accept. Uber only grades its drivers on passenger’s ratings and drivers with better ratings are offered more clients than drivers with average ratings. This kind of rating system also enhances customer satisfaction as they get to rate the best drivers who are deserving of rewards.

Uber has also helped people book their rides via mobile phones on the go. Uber not only publishes its fare but also shows the route map which will be taken while travelling, this makes the customer feel safer and maintain the pocket friendliness of rides. While normal taxi’s can surprise you with the route they take and the fare’s that they charge, Uber shows an estimated fare depending upon the route while taking into account the traffic.

Taxis have their own perks, they are cheaper and easier to find than to book an Uber and wait for it while it reaches. Taxi’s are cheap on shorter routes and are easily available than an Uber and to be assured of the amount of money a ride will cost you, one can always take an Uber vs Taxi Fare Estimate via various websites online.

One such online estimate providing website is Ezydriver. Ezydriver not only provides ride estimates for your rides but also informs Uber Driving Partners of ways to save tax and how to enhance their earnings.

About Ezydriver:

Ezydriver is a website providing Uber vs Taxi Fare Estimator services. The online platform helps customers choose cheaper options between an Uber or a taxi ride depending upon their pickup and drop locations. To know more about Ezydriver, log onto: